Modern Warfare 3 World Premiere Date Confirmed

Product-Reviews Writes: The MW3 World premiere will take place on May 23rd, an exact time has not been given, however it will show sometime during game 4 of the Western Conference Finals on ESPN. Coverage of this game starts at 9.00pm and finishes at 11.30pm (EST), therefore during one of the ad breaks the video will show.

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slavish32711d ago

its sad this is already getting more buzz then BF3 and it hasn't even been officially revealed :(

RyuCloudStrife2711d ago

look at how many ppl play it, all the hours it has clocked rivaling facebook.

COD is an unstoppable beast, and you haters need to realize that.

Commodore2711d ago

COD is an unstoppable beast...But it's still a piece of shit milked franchise.

CoD 4 was the best and it's been downhill since. Hopefully with the new studio working on it, we can get a fresh game.

BattleAxe2711d ago

I don't care if its a milked franchise, as long as they keep packing CoD games with lots of content like they alway have, and as long as the game is good. Black Ops is the only CoD game I've never cared for, but I hope MW3 turns out to be good.

Jumper092711d ago

yeah :( thats a shame :/
Dice should bow this crap out...
Show some console BF3 gameplay with awesome maps and gameplay.

sack_boi2711d ago

Exactly. Dice/EA seem to forget that, that Call of Duty crowd they're after is on console.
Out of the 25 million people that bought Black Ops/Modern Warfare 2, at least 20 million bought it on the PS360.

BF3 is going to sell well though, but not nearly as much as MW3.

ProtossX2711d ago

Wouldn't be a good idea to show the inferior console versions.

Jumper092711d ago

nobody knows how the console versione running ;)
It could look awesome too ;)
Stop with this PC bullshit.

PhantomT14122711d ago

I think we'll have something similar to this (approximally the same date too):

Otheros002711d ago

When is it "not" confirmed? Everybody knows that cod always releases around in November. It's not worth buying because you know that a new one will release a year after it.

sak5002711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

This way you'll never buy any product since there is most likely a chance newer model/version will be available. Nice ... I bough ip4 last year and plan to buy ip4S or ip5 which is coming out later this year. This game which is giving millions of people fun time, you suppose they wouldn't like to buy the newer game?

Have you never bough a sequel or newer version of anything in life? I hate hypocrites though..

Otheros002711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

In that post I'm talking about cod and games coming out one year after the other. I buy sequels but not milked , crappy, and broken games like cod. Sequels shouldn't come a year after a game comes out. And how can I "never" buy any product? You call me a hypocrite and yet you contradict yourself by saying that I will never buy anything. You do know there are "new" games coming out that are not sequels. So, how can I not buy anything if there are new "original" games coming out?

I buy new versions of things but not things that come out 1 year or less apart like the ifad. One last thing. This is a "GAMING WEBSITE" not a life website.

I hate hypocrites and you are one. Buying something that I know it will have a better version coming out a year after it is wasting money and is ST*PID.

cod is broken crap reskined over and over since modern warfare.