Final Fantasy XIV - New Details has posted up today a large batch of information on Final Fantasy XIV, which is the latest MMO from Square Enix.

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Tailor-DKS2707d ago

good details! waiting for the release.

Cecker2707d ago

possible release: 24. june 2011.

jukins2707d ago

man if they wouldve just improved upon XI instead of tryng to be so drastically different things could've turned alot better.

DA_SHREDDER2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

not just improving but adding more is all i ever wanted from any new FF. But instead what we get is a slap in the face since Square and Enix merged. I haven't played a single good game from them since FFX, and even then it was a Squaresoft title. I don't know why Squeenix felt the need to change everything when they had their rpg's and mmo's fine the way they were? Oh well, now that Enix and Squaresoft are gone we might as well just turn the other cheek. Everytime I think about it, I just feel like curling into fetal position in a corner and cry. :(


No it doesn't. It looks like Kingdom Hearts/Crisis Core hybrid with blood. Looks nothing like a real Squaresoft FF.

Kee2707d ago

Maybe this game won't be a fail. It looked good from what i saw of the pc version even though no one really liked it.

I'm not too sure what problems it had. Could someone enlighten me, please?

Anyway i hope they're fixed for the ps3 release and i might get it.

maxcer2707d ago

the game was ass backwards if you want to go investigate how shitty it was look on the zam forums.

+, how is the PS3 supposed to fix a shitty game?

Kee2707d ago

well it aint gonna be just a straight up port. they are listening to the community.

coryok2707d ago

the initial release was too early, i think the main problem that it had was that it lacked content. it didnt really give players a direction to go, or a way to get places that they wanted to go.

it had some good ideas but lacked polish, im going to try it again later when theyve spent more time on the game

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