Sony: 'No evidence' firmware is causing PS3s to overheat

Company responds to comments made by Rockstar customer support staff

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Call_me_Ishmael3532d ago

Media hype + Trolls=Fake @ss Sh*t

redwolf3532d ago

agree especially with the return of PSN, should give sony a break

Scrotie_McBoogerball3532d ago

Modern media not being vultures feeding of rotten carcasses?

Wouldn't that be nice.

GrieverSoul3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Everytime an update rolls, reports of broken systems flood the web. Maybe these consoles were already malfunctioning or maybe it just coincidence with the firmware. I sold my first 60gb PS3 for a profit and bought a 80gb model. Till this day, I never had a problem with firmware updates whatsoever. Me and my real life friends that own a PS3 (about 15 of them) and not a single one of them suffered from firmware update problems.

theonlylolking3532d ago

I wish the news and media would be like it was many years ago(like the 1940's). The news was so much more formal, accurate and less opinionated then it is now.

the_best_player3532d ago

There's so many trolls hating on PS3.
You can't really hate PS3 for having the best console graphics. Also so many exclusive games from Sonys first party developers.

It's ok to be jealous but don't cry about it and hate...

RankFTW3532d ago

I've played games for about 36 hours since the update came out and havn't had a single crash, and my room gets pretty hot with all this electrical gear on.

frelyler3532d ago

I think the people experiencing problems are a select few. Also, their ps3's probably sat for a whille before getting really heavy use, like hours on end of playing. Any piece of hardware put through that would encounter problems. I highly doubt it is a large population, only a select few looking to bash Sony anyway they can because the "other" has only one good exclusive this year and Sony has how many again?

Quagmire3532d ago


i dont really have anything to say, just wanted to say that when I read 'no evidence' (playing too much DS atm)

ForzaGT3532d ago

this is just hype, played it for ages on my launch ps3 never had any prob

Colmshan19903532d ago

The general consensus is that this is a pile of bull.
Perhaps a better explanation for the sudden crashing of a number of PS3's is if those people who only ever played online left their PS3 get dusty when the PSN was down and never cleaned it.
And that's a stretch.
It's more than likely a coincidence that some PS3's crashed after the update, there's a story like this after every major update.

koehler833532d ago

Every firmware update is an incendiary device, if the internet is to be believed. The word 'circumstantial' has no meaning online.

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The story is too old to be commented.