EDGE Report: LA Noire To Blame For Consoles Overheating

Problem spreads to Xbox 360 as Sony denies culpability and Rockstar issues workaround.

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iamnsuperman3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Question: How does a game make your console overheat

Could it be the Rockstar is trying to eliminate this gen one console at a time to get the next gen in. I joke but seriously how does a game make your console overheat

LiamIRL823532d ago

I would like to know that myself. I think it would affect older PS3 & 360 models.

AAACE53532d ago

Could be their way of saying these consoles can't handle the truth!


moeqawama3532d ago

I have a 60GB launch PS3 and I haven't had any problems so far (knock on wood)

TLG19913532d ago

well think about a pc overheating when you are running lots of programs as such,

if the game is large and has lots to load and tihnk about then the system is doing more work than usual there for the system parts get warmer the fan speeds up clogging the system with dust which then block the air vents which then cause the system to be unable to get rid of the head by the fans and burns up the system from the inside like an oven.

why do you think the say to keep your system dust free and why do you think pcs have liquid cooling setups, i guess its for the fun of it and it looks cool i guess ( no pun intended )

AKS3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

They tried to squeeze too much awesome into one game, and the consequences were clearly dire. LOL.

Actually, even a simple program could cause an electronics device to overheat. Stress test benchmark programs are designed to punish PC hardware a bit to test its limits. But that is on purpose, of course. Bondi and R* obviously didn't mean for this to cause a hardware problem, so they'll need to fix it with a patch.

Simon_Brezhnev3532d ago

Hell im not surprised Red Dead Redemption did the samething.

Scary693532d ago

I am playing on a 60gb system for over 5hrs with no issues, I am also trying to figure out these claims of overheating.

ApexHell3532d ago

when a game is badly programmed to utilize more than what the limitations of the hardware allow it. components will began to overheat.

rockstar says its not la noire but its the only game that has been confirmed to do it, and not only on ps3 but the game is now locking up on 360's.

a game on pc that will burn out your video card is halo 2, the game surpasses normal video card temperaturs when it runs leave it on for more that 12 hours and you will see it can get over 110'c in temperature.

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joeyisback3532d ago

its affecting my 80gb fat ps3 it speeds the fans up and now without la noire its speeding up before it didnt do that so i might trade my fat 80gb ps3 for a slim :/ happens after 20 mins of being on

Michael-Jackson3532d ago

Have you tried, dust cleaning mode?
you can turn your fans on to Max speed, while holding eject button, turn the switch on. Just a suggestion, probably won't change anything.

Ranshak3532d ago

That wont do anything, dust gets clogged overtime, i personally clearn my PC from time to time. I can tell ya you will need to open the console apart get a duster to get to dust out no way its going out just by speeding up a fan.

redwolf3532d ago

the game maps are huge, this may be indication of the need the of next gen consoles

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Michael-Jackson3532d ago

If it's true, I'm only going to buy this game until a patch comes out. I'm not taking the risk because my PS3 is old - Original 80GB model.

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