$50 game model is "in jeopardy" - investor

OXM UK: Free online games are seducing users from traditional platforms

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iamnsuperman3529d ago

"Are you more likely to kick back with a smartphone or browser game than a full-fat packaged title these days, readers"

I prefer full-fat packaged titles than smartphone titles. Smartphone titles I buy because they are cheap and play on the move but this isn't limiting me buying the big games. Just because the mobile games are selling quick and fast doesn't mean it will impact the bigger games. It might have an impact on portable gaming (should I buy a phone that has apps or a portable gaming device with no phone) but the console games have nothing to worry about

dirigiblebill3529d ago

I think of mobile and browser games as "filling in the gaps" around the big releases.

DA_SHREDDER3529d ago

LOL good. I hope these bastards realize that maybe their games are too expensive. Why charge $65 bucks when people just wait till these games are used and get them 20-30 bucks cheaper a month later? They are shooting themselves in the foot and are holding themselves back.

dirigiblebill3529d ago

Maybe the fact that people know they can get those games later for 20-30 bucks is why they're charging $65 bucks for new...