Could L.A. Noire Set Off A ‘Face Race’?

360 Magazine: The reviews for Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire are finally out and they’re almost universally glowing. As well as delivering a gripping narrative it’s clearly raised the bar for the visual representation of human faces in games...

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Dailynch3532d ago

The uncanny valley has been conquered! L.A. Noire's faces are the best the industry has ever produced, but I don't think we'll see this take off across the industry. It's just too expensive, most other studios won't be able to afford the tech and find good enough actors to fill their roles.

iamnsuperman3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

The reason why it is in this game is because you have to use facial expression to help you detect. I can't see it taking off in other games....Way to expensive

SleazyChimp3532d ago

Yeah and in the days of N64 and PS one you could have said the same thing about motion capture. But today mocap is used all the time. This may be expensive and time consuming now but the more developers use it the more of an industry standard it will become.

PirateThom3532d ago

Yeah, this tech is becoming the standard now. Motion capture was initally very expensive, even just for bodies, but now it's available to any developer wishing to use it. The breakthroughs are coming from developers taking it further, but the basic body tech is pretty standard now. Once they can integrate something like Bondi's facial capture with full body capture and get it all in one take along with voice overs... that's going to be something.

AAACE53532d ago

WRONG! It may be expensive, but with gamers wanting more realistic experiences, this will catch on because no developer wants to seem outdated!

stealth500k3532d ago

Its not going to take off. The tech is far to expensive and time consuming. 1 game taking 7 years to make is absurd and if every game was like that the industry would crash

SamBandah3532d ago

LA Noire is just the kick in the pants the industry needs. With this technology developers will hopefully take a long hard look at the stories they're telling and make them far more realistic. It's easy to shrug off poor story telling when you're using cartoon style animation but when your people look real the expectation is so much higher.

saumer3532d ago

The faces themselves are great, but I keep noticing that people's heads are WAY to big for their bodies.

Looking at them really makes me think that the person had their head cut off and placed onto a different person's body. It is REALLY creepy, to the point where I almost can't look at it.

HowarthsNJ3532d ago

I think games normally have the heads too small like comic books.

You get used to that then realistic proportions start to look strange.

3532d ago
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