Far Cry 2 dev: LA Noire is "derivative, uninspired"

OXM UK: "Clint Hocking, the outspoken creative director of Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory now working at LucasArts, has gone against the critical consensus for LA Noire and denounced it as "derivative, uninspired and narcississtic"."

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dirigiblebill2712d ago

Coming from the developer of the Splinter Cell series...

Quagmire2712d ago

What is that supposed to mean? was that supposed to be a jab at Splinter cell? Coz if so, I fail to see in what context it relates to what he said about LANoire.

dirigiblebill2712d ago

It was a bit of a jab at Splinter, yes :p I like SC, but it's a goddamn Tom Clancy game. How much more "derivative" can you get?

Active Reload2712d ago

FarCry 2 dev = Sour grapes? I can't wait to see what Jim Sterling has to say about the matter...

RedDead2712d ago

Far cry 2 dev...bashing another cry 2 was so repetitive, one of the most repetitive ones I have witnessed

Scrotie_McBoogerball2712d ago

Far drive 2 was the worst game I have ever been tricked into buying day 1.

Dee_912712d ago

La Noire shits on far cry 2 ... that is all ..

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Quagmire2712d ago


do you even know what the term 'derivative' means?

doesnt seem you do

dirigiblebill2712d ago

Yep. Derivative is when you're touting the same muscle-headed macho stereotypes, gun fetishism and humourless conspiracy theory plotting as every other action game within a thousand miles.

MassOnesumis2712d ago

A derivative is the formula for the slope of a Tangent line.

solidjun52712d ago

@MassOnesumis LOL! Bub+

Harelgur2712d ago

coming from the developer of Far Cry 2, the most shitty game this gen.

HellzAssassin2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

That's exactly what I thought. I pre-ordered FC2 back than, I never ended up finishing it.. Hell, it was so damn repetitive I wanted nothing to do with it, so I traded it in... Multiplayer was terrible, and as I previously stated, the campaign was just so insanely repetitive... Literally it's the same missions repeated about 100 times. Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed.

I have yet to play LA Noire, but I may give it a chance with all the positive reception it's getting.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2712d ago

This coming from the dev that made Far Drive 2...



Read more as Far Cry 2 dev fails.

omi25p2712d ago

splinter cell is awsome..

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eagles19902712d ago

Only thing uninspired about the game was the ending. That was pure bullcrap.

retrofly2712d ago

Far cry 2 was awful, I was really hyped for the game, but it's one of the most tedious boring game experiances I've had this gen.

it was basically, drive from one end of the map back to the other, going though checkpoints with repeaditly spawning AI, didn't mater how quickly you went back to an area, there they were again. Traded excedingly quickly.

iamnsuperman2712d ago

I know. The glitches made the game impossible to play, the rifles exploded after like a day of two. Those dam re spawning enemies were so annoying. It made a mission twice as long but also twice as boring. Far Cry 2 could have been much better. My worst buy

Tachyon_Nova2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I agreem, it was rubbish. So much so that I never got anywhere never got anywhere near completion. I don't know why they called it Far Cry 2, it has absolutely 0% resemblance to Crytek's Far Cry (which was 10 times the game of Ubisoft's FC2).

Edit: I should mention that even if I had wanted to keep playing I would have had to restart and the game glitched out on me.

InTheKnow2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Well, I loved Far Cry 2 and funny enough, I have been playing ( 5th or 6th time ) it this week. It`s up to you how you want to play. Change the time of day on the fly and a fantastic map(s) to explore. One of the best looking games this gen as well. Can`t wait for Far Cry 3.

On Topic, I have no idea why he is so angry about LA Noire. I haven`t played it but it does seem from the various video`s I've seen to do a little too much hand holding.

In regards to the question, are games art...IMO,of course they are.

HobbsCanuck2712d ago

I regret buying it. It looked so awesome from videos I saw of it online, but it was a total flop. I hated doing missions, because I knew it would be: Drive to this place, get chased at and shot at, fix car, drive more, stop and shoot some people, return back, shoot more people on the way back. It was annoying and I just didn't want to play it after a while. It's the only game on my shelf I haven't beat yet. What REALLY pissed me off 'bout it tho, was that it had so much potential, and ways the game could be better. Sadly, the best part about the game was the map maker, and even that was just meh.

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No-Brainer2712d ago

Not bowled over by the hype, or maybe a bit jealous?

godsinhisheaven2712d ago

Some people really cry for attention.

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