PS3 firmware 3.61 not crashing LA Noire

Eurogamer: "Rockstar has retracted its accusation that firmware 3.61 causes PS3 versions of L.A. Noire to crash and freeze due to the console overheating."

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Snake-eater3532d ago

seems like more media hype than anything else


the media ALWAYS hype, its what they do. believe in none of what you hear and half of what you see

Joni-Ice3532d ago

I have it on the PS3 and so far I had no issues.

ForzaGT3532d ago

i played it on my fat ps3 but never seem to have this issue

redwolf3532d ago

lets see how this turns out

Corrwin3532d ago

Every time a semi-hyped game comes out, GAME IS FREEZING CONSOLES!!! FFFFFFFFFF!!

Just get a grip, people!

Colmshan19903532d ago

Every firmware update is blamed for crashing consoles.
Given that neither Sony nor Microsoft have ended up in court over this despicable practice of deliberately killing consoles through an update yet, I'm going to go with coincidence.
Electronic goods always break, but when one breaks soon after an update, an easy scapegoat presents itself.
Also, the rewriting of the code which is basically the entirety of the console is presumably a delicate process which should never be interrupted for any reason. But power cuts, idiots, loose components, etc do happen.

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