Tiny chips flash memory advance

Electronics giant Samsung has shown off what it claims is the world's most powerful chip for use in memory cards.
The 64 gigabit (Gb) chips could be used to make flash memory, commonly used in MP3 players, capable of holding the equivalent of 80 DVDs, the firm said.

The chips are built using circuits with a minimum feature size of just 30 billionths of a metre (nanometre).

Rival firm Toshiba has said it is also working with similar technology. Both firms will release products in 2009.

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mighty_douche4064d ago

64gb! does anyone really even need that much?

still, i think Hard Drives are gonna be on the way out soon with tech like this around the corner.

Dragonopolis4064d ago

Now we don't need bulky large Disc players for our game machines.

Its quite possible that the next console war won't have disc and rely on external hdd using a ultra fast port like esata or an upgraded usb or firewire port. This would reduce the size of the console significantly but still retain the power (thus easier to bring over to a friends house which could be sold as a benefit to gamers) Also would make the console more durable/tough.

Can't wait to see what console contraption is created in 2-3 years.