NBA 2K11 Predicts Bulls Beat Mavericks in Seven

2K Sports ran a simulation of the remaining rounds of the NBA Playoffs - the conference finals and the NBA Finals - and found the Chicago Bulls defeating the Dallas Mavericks in seven games.

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AnonUser55552709d ago

Sweet...Vegas here I come! Easy money.

Boon Tarkas2709d ago

Best basketball game ever.

GiggMan2709d ago

I do agree.

One of the best (if not the best) sports sims I have ever played.

dorron2709d ago

Great game...even when the teammates AI plays stupid lots of times.


so this game is sayin the bulls are goin to beat the heat and then beat the mavs in seven. i think i just pissed my pants from laughing. lets see them get past lebron and the heat first

GiggMan2709d ago

It's just a prediction, you are predicting something else.


i understand what it is but come on the bulls taken it not this yr

kingjoker342708d ago

uhh the bulls have the MVP, plus their bench is like a regular teams starter. Also they are the top seed. I have no doubt in my mind they can take the heat and take the mavs if they can just make shot.
I bet lebron will feel salty if he chose the heat over the bulls cause he wanted a ring and then lost to the bulls wouldnt he?


lebron and the heat will not lose to the bulls. they are up 2-1 and the next two r in the bag. the bulls can not handle the heat if two of the three r scoring and if all three are clickin farewell to the bulls in 5.

ps. heats D is unmatched rite now..

kingjoker342705d ago

The bulls just need to start scoring. and the Bulls D is just as good if not better. The only thing holding the bulls back right now is their shooting percentage.

moeqawama2709d ago

The Miami heat must not be in NBA 2K11

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