IVG review: SOCOM 4

IVG writes : SOCOM Confrontation’s debut on the PS3 was an eventful one, with non-functioning servers and frequent disconnections. Developed by Slant-Six Games, it took almost six months to bring the game to a playable state. When its sequel SOCOM 4 (called SOCOM: Special Forces for us) was announced, there was a glimmer of hope for the franchise thanks to development duties heading back to the original creators, Zipper Interactive.

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Nicaragua2708d ago

good review - probably worth mentioning that the multiplayer party system dosnt currently work and neither does the clan system.

The game has quite a few glitches, not as bad as confrontation but enough to piss me off and put me off playing.

Hopefully they will patch it soon.

DirtyLary2708d ago

There are at least 3 patches for sure coming. Go to the forums and look for the sticky, the devs outline what is getting fixed. Party system is one of them. Hopefully the camera goes back to the same angle as S:Con. To damn close atm.