GameSpot: The First Templar Review

GameSpot: "If you break down the individual pieces of this budget-priced RPG, there isn't much that hasn't been done before. The basic structure feels like many other games, and the combat hardly reinvents the wheel. But there's an enticing charm that makes it difficult to pull away once you begin your journey.

Strong visual design certainly helps. You travel across Europe and the Middle East, through sun-drenched deserts and besieged towns, and every area has a unique look and is just begging to be explored. And you can even play through with a friend, though the execution is sadly lacking.

There's no drop-in/drop-out option, so you need to start a new session if you want to investigate these lands with a buddy. There are small problems swirling around the periphery of this game, but none of these issues can completely derail your enjoyment. The First Templar is a fun and varied chase for one of the most sought-after items in existence."

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