BioShock movie 'meetings' happening next week: Ken Levine

From "We can't wait to get our hands on BioShock Infinite in two weeks at E3 2011, but Ken Levine isn't waiting that long to tease us with yet another BioShock: BioShock the movie. The ball for this 60s-set, Rapture-based film will get rolling next week, according to the series creator. His timetable falls right in between this week's pre-E3 events and June 7's expo start date."

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Thrillhouse3530d ago

Bioshock is one of my favourite new IP's of this generation. I really hope they can do the universe justice in the movie.

wallis3530d ago

Not. Going. To. Work.

If there was ever a videogame that functions exclusively as a videogame it's bioshock. How the hell would 'would you kindly' work in a film? It'd be just another boring plot twist treading in sixth sense's thoroughly beaten path.