Nintendo Should Look to Upgrade iOS Players to DS, says Analyst

Nintendo's 3DS has not been meeting sales expectations since launch, and Nintendo is arguably facing increasing pressure from smartphones and especially Apple's iOS products, which saw over 5 million game downloads per day in March in the U.S. and Europe. Interestingly, Apple's iPad 2 reveal came around the same time as Satoru Iwata's GDC keynote and now Apple's major WWDC event which will outline the future of iOS is set to take place right before the official unveiling of Project Cafe at E3. Should Nintendo be worried?

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Shok3533d ago

I'll say it again, I just don't see how these smart phone games are competition for Sony and Nintendo. I don't know one person, and never heard of a single person, that hhas ever said "I don't need a DS, I have my phone." The experiences are just utterly different and the 3DS/DS and PSP give more fulfilling experience since they're, well, dedicated gaming devices.

Sinner101GR3532d ago

It's not right now. It's 5-10 years in the future that they need to be concerned about.

Aarix3532d ago

Then Obviously you've never seen some of the games on it. I'll admit there are more quality games on a ds and psp but the ipod has amazing games too. You should check out real racing 2, choas rings, GTA:CTW or even infinity blade. Sure there may be more casual games on a ipod but the convince of it makes up for it knowing theres hardcore games on it.