The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review -

God damn, the massive Kayran is ugly; big as a four story building, swinging its massive tentacles around. He is fascinated and grossed out at the same time - it might be terribly ugly, but it looks great at the same time.

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Substance1012736d ago

This and portal 2 are the best games out this year, anyone not getting these is definetly missing out.

BeastlyRig2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

And I am happy AmrA 3 was announced! , Stalker 2 & Metro 20034 coming nexct year!! yay!

Substance1012736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Defintely a great time to be a PC gamer. I recently purchased Shogun 2 that game looks and playa amazing as well. Dont have time to finish all what i bought lol.

dc12736d ago

I'm am thoroughly impressed with The Witcher2.. so much so that I pulled an all nighter! That's right 38 years old. Wonderful wife, 2 kids and a great Job... and I pulled an all nighter with W2. Who would have figured? That hasn't happened for 15 years!

BeastlyRig2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

makes u relive fun times as a kid? cheers! That what gaming might be about!

dc12736d ago

Youre spot on BeastlyRig! + bubs to you!

KeiserSosay47882736d ago

This game is easily one of the best rpgs that I've ever played. Runs good too. High settings with aa off/vsync off on a gts 450.

DankJemo2736d ago

It really seems like this title is a huge hit. I never played the first game, but I may need to pick that up as well as this new sequel. I am pretty intrigued by this point.

dc12736d ago

No need my friend. Feel free to start with the witcher2. I know purest my disagree with me ....but what can't be denied is the very dramatic leap (between W1 and W2) in game play mechanics, story, graphics and presentation. The lead still has amnesia ...and the W2 story line will fill in the gaps along the way. Have fun!

Substance1012736d ago

Agreed pick up witcher 2 its an awesome game. If ya like it you can always go back to playing witcher 1 it only costs 5 usd now on GOG. Also you can play witcher 1 with hi res texture mod. the game looks better then most rpgs out today with mods.

orctowngrot2736d ago

This studio is absolutely awesome! LOVING IT!