Unreleased PSP Accessory From Sony Would Have Added A Touch Screen And Cell Phone Service

Siliconera: "Sony’s NGP and PSPgo style Xperia Play tout touchscreens and cellular antennas as new features. Did you know Sony was developing an accessory to add both features to the PSP?

Around the same time Sony was working on a PSP camera accessory and GPS receiver that plugged into the USB port Sony also planned this."

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a_bro3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

i can see why they killed that idea. just look at the size of the thing.

As for the NGP, i see many uses for the thing. they can make it work like a controller for the PS3 or for the PS4 if they wanted to.

DA_SHREDDER3529d ago

Noooo! I would have killed for for the NGP to have a phone service, which is why im not getting one, ill just have to wait another 10 years. :(

a_bro3529d ago

the reality for the NGP to have cell service is in fact very close towards being real, like a firmware update away. the 3G is there.

bwazy3529d ago

Heck if it can use Skype were golden

rabidpancakeburglar3529d ago

Sounds like it would be crap, phones shouldn't be added to gaming devices

firetaw3529d ago

iphone? android? look how well thats going. i know your argument is phone added to a gaming machine, but games have been added to phones for a while now and it works. we are going towards face to face communication and the ipad is a great exemple. so adding phones to game devices is only a step forward towards that future.

rabidpancakeburglar3529d ago

I'm not saying games shouldn't be added to phones, I'm saying that phones should not be added to gaming devices

DaTruth3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Whatever keeps me from having to carry around another electronic rectangle in my pocket!

This crap is okay for women with purses, but I only have two pockets and it's a good thing I don't care what people think because I'm pretty sure I look stupid with two bulging pockets... I already have that other bulge non-pocket related!

Tony-Red-Grave3529d ago

are you sure? the psp had skype and i bet it wasn't half bad.

Phones can't play games very good, But a handheld gaming console can have phoning features as an add on and still be on par.

Infact all portable gaming consoles should have a phoning feature simply because if they did they'd pretty much close the gap on the smart phone market with better graphics,better games,interent idk, and to to mention the ability to make calls.

Hey add to the fact most people have a blue-tooth headset and you have cross game chat.

3529d ago
supremacy3529d ago

Well i like the ngp the way it is. Its inputs and built in features make it an attractive gaming device.

If Sony were one day make a follow up to the ngp. Here's what ill like to see. L2 R2 buttons that feel like triggers but make it all blend in with the current design.

L3&R3 functionality for use in fps.

Internal hard drive, Sony could make several versions like apple with its ipods. 16gb, 32gb 60gb and 80gbs.

This is all in addition to more ram and everything currently included in the current ngp platform.

I know i may be asking for too much but those things will make the next portable last for sure.

As far as this article goes, in a way im glad Sony didn't bother releasing any of that. Part of this is the reason why ngp stands out and seperates itself from the psp. Which is a good thing if you ask me.