BioWare's bisexual conundrum in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series (Bitmob)

The controversy over BioWare's decision regarding the sexual orientation of its characters reveals a compromise that leaves no one happy.

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rod_furlong3531d ago

I still give 'em points for even addressing this stuff.

PoulCast3530d ago

Why would you put in mental illness as a option? I don't understand why they want to make being homosexual acceptable.

BIXOMAU3530d ago

Homosexuality is not a mental illness. It is present in nature in many species.

Why should we care about gay relationships in a game which ALSO contains straight ones? We can play the ENTIRE game without ever facing a homosexual relationship.

Seriously, why is this an issue?

PoulCast3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

@Bixmau: It is a mental illness. To reproduce, which is the ultimate goal of humans - you must mate with the opposite sex.

User-Name3530d ago

No, it's not a mental illness. Check your facts. I think only in countries such as Iran and Ghana it is considered a mental illness but because of religious and similar reasons, not by scientific medical research.

Btw what is your degree?

PoulCast3530d ago


It is no longer listed as a mental illness, which I believe is because they could not find a cure that was not inhuman. In my opinion, because you cannot find a cure doesn't equal the illness not being a illness anymore.

I am not religious, I hate it as it only causes trouble amongst the different beliefs, but I agree that being homosexual is an illness, as you are not able to reproduce with your mate and thus stops your generation. How would you like the fact, that you would not become a Grandfather/Grandmother because your son/daugther was homosexual? I would be pretty damn dissapointed that my family would die out.

User-Name3530d ago

"It is no longer listed as a mental illness, which I believe is because they could not find a cure that was not inhuman."

Wrong. It's not listed because it's not an illnes. An illness is an abnormal process in which aspects of the social, physical, emotional, or intellectual condition and function of a person are diminished or impaired. I'm a gay and my body functions just fine. I have friends, love, family, a job, couldn't ask for more.

Also, an ill person wants to be cured, in order to continue with everyday life, job, relationships etc. I don't want to change, I'm just happy as I am now. I can have children whenever I want to. The only thing that forbids me from having children is the law which straight folk declared. So it's not my sexuality that prevents me from having children but it's actually people like you.

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DigitalHorror813531d ago

Great graphics and hot lesbians.

Win, win.

ChickeyCantor3529d ago

From all the gay bashing, atleast one person is taking the positive side of it.

003531d ago

Now my lesbian Shep can be a lesbian without banging a dirty alien.

Kraxe3531d ago

it saddens me that BW is going down a path that is clearly full of problems and heartache for everyone. The second I heard that (M)Commander Shepard can go gay, I just lowered my head in shame.

003531d ago

But Shepard can already be gay in ME1 and ME2.

User-Name3530d ago

Why would you be ashame? The fiercest warriors in Greece, (for some, the fiercest ever) - Spartans, were having regular gay relations with fellow soldiers.

Also, some of the greatest minds of our civilization were gay. Leonardo, Turing (you wouldn't have that computer in front of you if he didn't contribute to that invention for you, at the same time, beating Nazis) and many more.

What's there to be ashamed of?

pr0digyZA3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Uh let me get this right, so are you saying being gay made those people able to do those things? like if they were straight then it wouldn't happen. I am going to counter that with this is a list of left handed people, like Obama, Alexander the Great ,Leonardo da Vinci,H.G. Wells et cetera

Tony P3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

The issue here isn't something BioWare can solve by appealing to everyone. What this actually calls for is a game specifically designed to appeal to gay gamers.

And to be honest, I don't think anyone has any right to demand that of BioWare.

They will do what they can and we should be thankful for that. But it's certainly not up to BioWare to do the hard work of changing minds to accept the idea of minority gender, racial, or class roles as being on the same level as the "normal" majority.

User-Name3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

They did it because they think it's a right thing to do. Also, gay mods for ME and DAO were among the most popular ones.

Every RPG should have sexuality open for players to choose. The immersion is much better if the RPG character is more like a player.

Why not? If you don't want it, don't choose it. Also, many of the developers themselves are gay. I'm a gay game developer myself. Why would I enjoy making a game that has romancing options but forces me to either play it without it or choose to romance someone whom I don't have any interest to? How would you feel?

Bimkoblerutso3530d ago

If you collected a small squad of soldiers and put them all in a room, you're not going to get a room full of all bisexual soldiers. On the other hand, it's perfectly reasonable to expect a soldier or two to be gay.

It's like having a movie set in the 1940's and portraying every main protagonist as an open-minded, racially-sensitive individual. I mean yes it's "sensitive" to black people watching the movie, but it's sensitivity at the cost of context.

Tony P3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )


I appreciate your feelings on that matter, but I was talking about the *depth* of that choice. Not whether it should be in a game or not.

The article says that BioWare's strategy to appeal to many generalizes the impact of the choice and makes it less meaningful or invisible in the context of narrative.

Suggestion: create gay specific scenarios.

That's what I was responding to. And I think gamers are asking for a bit much there.

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