Sony's Apology With Free Content Turns Out to Be a Good One

Now that the PSN is slowly getting back up to speed, PS3 owners are now happy to be able to play their favorite games online. Once the Playstation Store gets back online, gamers will be able to download a few games for free as part of the Welcome Back program. From what it looks, Sony did a good job with their apology.

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yoge3530d ago ShowReplies(2)
Michael-Jackson3530d ago

A few is fine but do we need any more of these pointless articles?

HINDERIZATION3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

everyone needs to stop complaining about what content they're giving us and just take the damn oppurtunity. it's free. get over it. i don't have Infamous or Little Big Planet because i have no money. I'm not complaining (obviously). But it's FREE <------------!!!

vickysud3530d ago

GREED, ppl will never get satisfied even with everything every time..

Tony-Red-Grave3530d ago

i for one cant wait im getting LBP and wipeout and try to trade some friends for infamous aand dead island if we can redownload

AAACE53530d ago

People were just hoping for newer games!

Infamous and Wipeout for me.

Fylus3530d ago

Seriously. I have Infamous and Littlebigplanet but I'm not complaining. Even if I never bother playing the other games they'll give me, I'm still just grateful that the PSN is back up. The only unfortunate thing is I have to update Killzone 3 and I just don't have the patience for that at the moment.

darthv723530d ago

if you have both a ps3 and psp then you get 2 games for each. Nothing to complain about there. I dont have infamous or LBP on ps3 nor do I not have lbp and mod nation racers on psp.


playboi283530d ago

What's so funny is that Sony doesn't technically owe anybody anything. They are giving away two free games (two of which are disc based games), and a free month of PS+ and Qriocity to people that aren't paying for anything in the beginning. What else do people think they are entitled to? What company has done better than this to reimburse people that actually PAY for services?

paintsville3530d ago

a good one? well that's a matter of opinion. I mean some second rate 3 year old games are hardly a recompense for the release of our information to the hacker community and the network is still not secure. I just had to reset my password AGAIN for the second time since this feeasco started. Welcome back "We're secure now." Yeah right.

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Tony-Red-Grave3530d ago

well tell that to the mods /people who keep approving this stuff -_- smh were never going to see the end of these articles till something big enough distracts the media.

Organization XII3530d ago

Enough with the lame PSN articles already, I feel like puking

evilunklebud3530d ago

I have to agree, they are trying to compensate the user base. It seems fair to me.

Move on....

UnbiasedGamer3530d ago

It's not up yet for so many people and still is causing a great deal of frustration and anger of gamers. I am one of them...Recieved the password reset email two days later it was supposed to be up and guess the password reset site is down for maintainence and still is...

DaTruth3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

What email? It told me I needed to change my password, so I just updated my password and that was the end of it! I was online in 10 seconds... after the FW update!

What's this email everyone's talking about?

ash_divine3530d ago


Well, a lot of people(me being included) had to change their passwords via an email from Sony(after you try to connect to PSN.)

But if you were lucky, it should have only taken about 15 minutes.

Orionsangel3530d ago

Yeah that's the only thing I don't like about N4G. Once a story breaks. The same story can get milked and dragged out for weeks.

showtimefolks3529d ago

never got LBP so that's a yeh out of stardust hd and wipeout hd which is better

since dead nation i am not interested in?

Rainstorm813529d ago

Dead Nation is a really good game made by housemarque the guys behing Super Stardust and Outland..... you should try it

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clintos593530d ago

Thanx for the positive article but only bad articles of sony are welcomed here, right Loner? LOL.

MrBeatdown3530d ago

I'm a little disappointed with what they are offering. If I didn't own at least two of the games, I'd have no problem. But I only get SuperStardust HD free. I own the rest.

I can understand Sony would have a hard time pleasing everyone, but there is no reason why they couldn't offer additional months of PS+ (on top of the month of Plus already being offer) to people who already own all the games being offered.

Tony-Red-Grave3530d ago

if you own the rest, not downloaded, you can sell em for some money

lpfisher3530d ago

How exactly? You think they're sending discs? Notice that all of those games are downloadable on PSN, we're not getting hardcopies of these games.

HappyGaming3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Ipfisher please use some common sense...

Say you have Infamous and LBP on disc...

Sell the discs and download the games onto your PS3 from PSN.

Edit: seriously I wonder how some people on the internet even manage to turn on their computer :-/

vickysud3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

This is Seriously for U

GREED, ppl will never get satisfied even with everything every time

MrBeatdown3530d ago


It's greedy of me to wish that Sony offered something that everyone could have enjoyed regardless of what they already owned?

It's greedy of me to wish that Sony could have found a way for everyone to obtain an equal amount of value from the Welcome back program, rather than leaving some of their best customers out in the cold?

I pay a measly $3.33 a month for PS+ and the damn thing is still profitable for Sony. I'm asking for at MAX, $6.66 worth of PS+ (even though it doesn't even cost Sony that much in the first place) in place of two full games which combined range in value from $25 to 60, and I'm GREEDY!? Are you serious?

If I asked for a damn avatar or theme instead of a game, I suppose that would be greedy too huh?

admiralvic3530d ago

@ MrBeatdown:

I agree with you and I think the issue is being distorted. Too many people look at it from a single side and claim its "Greed" or "Entitlement", but what is it really?

A lot of people counter with selling the games to make back some cash. Even with the current possible 16 (which will drop like a ROCKET) theres a good chance I either sold them already or plan to keep them. Just because I have a digital copy of LBP/Infamous doesn't mean I instantly don't want it laying around.

Even moving off that point people have nothing good to say of the group who has everything listed. I personally am going to say outside of Sony giving me a completely new game the odds of a game I lack (according to my trophy list 190 played) is nearly null. I am ok with this, but the "hardcore" compensation game is "Dead Nation".

I really don't believe Sony owes me anything; nor do I think these titles are not a solid offering. I do however think that when your image is in the shitter... you don't half ass the people supporting your ass either.

Rainstorm813529d ago

It looks like greed because you arent happy with the 3.33$ worth of PS+, if you didnt have it before why do all of a sudden demand 2 moths worth?

Im a PS+ member and I got my 6.66 worth (2 months) of PS+ from sony plus the 24 days of down time. On top of everything else they are offering (Movies, Music and Games)

I mean come on sony isnt going to break the bank just for 3 weeks of downtime due to an ATTACK on PSN....It would make more sense if PSN was down, just because.

To think everyone thought it would be a Mini....and we got much more

DlocDaBudSmoka3530d ago

But you're still getting something. who cares what it is, like everyone else has said time and again, sony didn't have to give away anything.

ClaveroRulz3530d ago

"sony didn't have to give away anything. " but thanks to their incompetence in security matters... Sony gave away plenty of CC info. ^_^

UP3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

claverrulz: that were encrypted. They are encrypted for a reason.
and they did not give it away they were stolen. And stop assuming their security was bad. The pentagon has gotten hacked plenty of times and they have top notch security. If someone is dedicated they could get into any system.

ClaveroRulz3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

If a hacker steals 100 million accounts from PSN and SOE, your security is bad, period.

damnyouretall3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

i dont mind the free games, ive never played them. and whats cool is i really didnt care when psn went down cause i knew it would be back. but it brought out the little bitch babies on n4g. sony doesnt have to give you shit. their console is a great price with all the features it offers, their exclusives are AAA and online play is free. yall fanboys are just spoiled cause sony has been good to us

playboi283530d ago


I'm just curious...what exactly do you know about security? One thing you should know is that it is just as easy to steal 100 million as it is to steal 5 as long as they don't find out you are stealing it immediately.

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bruiser813530d ago

MrBeatdown, I feel the same way. Out of those games listed i own 3, dead nation is the only one.

FFXI1013530d ago


I can understand how you feel cause I own all those games they offer except one.

I wish there were more selections but I think is nice that Sony not only give out free PSN Plus memberships, free Home items, free movie rentals but FREE games as well. More imporatantly is the PSN is back and I'm really happy.

SoSLy3530d ago

Did you pay for PSN? no? then why the hell would you want compensation? I'm pretty sure they don't even have to give you shit yet they do, because they know they're those people like you always bitchin and shit.

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r213530d ago

gamers should be glad enough that they HAVE psn. Singapore hasnt got PSN up yet cause of Japan.

Peaceful_Jelly3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

can't you create a new account but choosing another region?