Blu-ray breakthrough, low price discs now a possiblity

Pioneer and Mitsubishi have together succeeded in the commercialization of recordable Blu-ray Discs with organic dye in the recording layer. The organic dye means that large-scale investments would no longer be required, so that the current coating facilities for CD-R and DVD-R can be used for BD production lines. With only minor adjustments needed to CD-R and DVD-R production lines, it makes low priced discs a real possibility.

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dhammalama4065d ago

HD-DVD hs no more advantages at all over Bluray. Cost was the only advantage they had and now it's gone!

cuco334065d ago

This is good news that the cost to the studio is now less but the players are still more expensive to the consumer and the spec still isn't completed. There are more but those were my top 3

Maddens Raiders4065d ago

of the level - headed peace loving world. End this war now, Transformers is sacrilege on HD-DVD. Everyone knows it's gimped and half-assed with diminished audio. This organic dye in the recording layer should help things along for Blu-ray.

lynx1halo4065d ago

And slowly but the HD wars came to an end.....HUNDREDS of HD-DVD supporters marched to their local pawn shops to trade in their failed platforms

kss4065d ago

just another nail in hd-dvds coffin

AllroundGamer4065d ago

great news, i really need a BD burner.

bloodzombie774065d ago

To the three retarded douchebags below me, go suck MS c*ck you asshole fanboys

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The story is too old to be commented.