Here's What 'Project Cafe' Needs to Succeed

NextGenRetro: We know what we want from our next Nintendo console. They need to grab that hardcore audience back and get those software sales up. The question is can they do it? I think they can, and here’s how.

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Shackdaddy8363533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

They need games. That's why the 3ds isn't selling well right now - no games. That simple...

ChickeyCantor3532d ago

Actually there is little promotion to the 3DS.
Nintendo hoped it would get around by word.

Some people still don't realise its a new system.

fluffydelusions3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I see tons of promotion. I see commercials, ads for it all the time. Also if you go into any Best Buy/Gamestop etc they have them out on display for anyone to try. As mentioned above, it's really the lack of games IMO. If they brought it out with Zelda it would have sold a lot better.

Raendom3532d ago

No he's right, it's de games. The hardcore is the very first fanbase you get with a new system and Japan definitely know the 3DS is a new system...

Hell, the DSiXL sold amazingly well and that wasn't a new system.

Project Cafe should launch with at least 1 anticipated first-party Nintendo game. No pilotwings or nintendogs or sh*t like that. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon take your pick.

NukaCola3532d ago

The 3DS is too damn expensive, and that is the real reason why. If this ProjCafe/Wii2 is like $400, it is not going to sell. The price is going to make the most impact on it's sales. Followed by the line up and features.

Active Reload3532d ago

Probably because it doesn't look like a new system.

ChickeyCantor3532d ago

Eh you guys do realise the 3DS sold BETTER than the NDS in its first month right?

I do believe people still don't get the difference between the NDS and 3DS.

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HxCGamer3532d ago

i like that the screenshot in the article is of Zelda running on dolphin haha

but yea i am not sure how this console will sell, i feel like they aren't strictly aiming for casuals anymore

Shackdaddy8363532d ago

Release a new mario kart, a new mario game, a new luigi's mansion, a new pikmin, and/or a new F-zero on release day and they should be selling bundles.

fluffydelusions3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

They need stronger 3rd party support and better online IMO. I already know what to expect from Nintendo themselves...Mario HD, Zelda HD, Kirby HD etc etc.

Tigerfist3532d ago

Bring back the old NES/SNES spirit, with lots of awesome games for everyone's taste.

fluffydelusions3532d ago

TBH, it was different back then. The only competition really was the Sega Genesis. These days they have to compete with MS/Sony which more or less own the hardcore audience.

Tigerfist3532d ago

Yes indeed, but they really had something going there. If they play their cards right, they might just pull that again!

Oldman1003532d ago

Them video games are quite the gizmos. I'd like to see some of them on this new nintendo electronics system.

tigertron3532d ago

In order to succeed with ME, it will need lots of hardcore games, a much better online infrastructure - ditching those friend codes for a start, having top notch graphics and physics, have plenty of third party support, new IPs and of course, having the classic Ninty games. Oh, and better multimedia functions i.e. Blu-ray playback etc.

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