Gears of War 2 30x XP Event Announced

Save and Quit - "Over the last couple of weeks Epic has been dangling a 30x XP week in our faces. Sadly, we couldn’t just sit on our fat asses and wait for the 30x XP event to start, we had to work!"

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militant072711d ago

I still can't find players.

Raven_Nomad2711d ago

You might want to check your NAT settings on your router. I find players instantly. Though I use a gaming router and have open NAT type.

maxcer2710d ago

get some friends, if your trying to get a Ranked game going as a loner its going to take longer.

either get 5 people in your party for quicker matches or play social so you can jump into a game right away.

Raven_Nomad2711d ago

Glad were getting so much XP, I might finally be able to get to level 100~!

Kurt Russell2711d ago

My thoughts exactly. Currently on 75 I think, so a week of hardcore playing should finish that off nicely :D

Excalibur2711d ago

Good luck!!
I finally got my 100 a few extra XP events back.
It's kinda frustrating that level 82 (or so) is only the halfway mark in XP needed to hit 100.

Kurt Russell2710d ago

Gadoosh! I didn't know that. Maybe it'll take a bit longer than I expected :D

White-Sharingan2710d ago

What do you get by leveling up to lvl 100?

HacSawJimThugin2710d ago

Lol...I have been saying that Uncharted is out of it's league when it come to Gears for

78,000 kills and counting, almost to a 100 racks!!!

BLAKHOODe2710d ago

the Gears 3 beta really got me excited about playing Gears again. so, i'll definitely be taking advantage of the 30XP.. not sure if i'll make it to level 100, but i figure Epic will announce more XP events before Gears 3 comes out in september.