Conduit 2 Developer Calls for Internal Retaliation Against Author of Negative Joystiq Review

Chris writes: "Conduit 2, the sequel to 2008’s The Conduit, was released for the Nintendo Wii console in mid-late April to what can only be described as…varying reviews. Seeing wildly disparate reviews is not uncommon on the Internet, where everyone has a chance to be heard (if they yell loud enough); not everyone is going to have the same opinion of a game depending on personal preference, experience, and more. What happens when a harsh, negative review with supportive reasoning of an anticipated video game goes up? Well, heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a developer scorned."

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Echo3073532d ago

Story in a nutshell: Joystiq writer bags on Conduit 2 with very negative review. Conduit 2 developers get pissed, realize the Joystiq reviewer has a published book on Amazon, and then flock to Amazon and leave nasty reviews in retaliation.

Pathetic. If you're going to create something for the public to see (and pay for) you have to expect and ready yourself for negative feedback. Retaliation like this is just childish.

BubbleSniper3532d ago

exactly. besides... they choose the weakest link in the chain to dev for. They should have at least done the Conduit for Xbox 360.

The game deserves a better treatment than the Wii could provide or have provided because of it's limitations.

HVS needs to go Multi and to Grow up.

radphil3532d ago

"Retaliation like this is just childish."

Sadly there's a few gaming companies out there that are sadly going with that ideal that's somewhat similar to childish. :(

hay3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

According to Wiki, High Voltage Software's average game score is ~62, they should be used to "not great scores" or are they gonna rate Wikipedia 6/10 in revenge?

phantomexe3532d ago

I found the game really good and i don't pick up alot of wii games now a days.

Echo3073532d ago

I think you missed the point of the article, bud.

phantomexe3532d ago

Your right i didn't read it.....will i go to hell, im a bad person hold me..

aviator1893532d ago

Haha, that's just sad.

If you release a product, you better be prepared to receive some negative press along with the good.

xtheownerzx3532d ago

wow go writer freedom of speech!

jidery3532d ago

Thanks for advertising the book, I just bought it!

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The story is too old to be commented.