David Jaffe discusses car physics in new Twisted Metal video

Eat Sleep Play’s David Jaffe discusses some of the mechanics that go into making a Twisted Metal game and why the they choose not to use realistic cars and physics.

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rabidpancakeburglar3170d ago

When I saw the title I was thinking 'eh, car physics? In a twisted metal game?'. Good to read that the car physics are loose

NoUseMerc3170d ago


Twisted Metal has never been a game about car handling. Lol

I'm wondering if the passengers that hang out the windows of your car can get wiped out. Ragdoll physics would be sweet.

Spitfire_Riggz3170d ago

Gotta love those ragdoll effects!!

MintBerryCrunch3170d ago

if you've played TM: Black....then you should be right at home when it comes to driving vehicles

Troll_Police3170d ago

Don't make the same mistake that GTAIV did with car physics.

DA_SHREDDER3170d ago

you just read my mind Troll. + Bubz for you dude.

lh_swe3169d ago

I personally loved the physics in GTA IV, In fact aside from Driver 3 it tops my list of handling in an open world sandbox game. I felt like I was actually learning to drive the different cars, figuring out their respective weakness vs strength as opposed to just hitting he accelerator and floating around. Aside from that I though the damage was pretty impressive too.

XRider3170d ago

I can't wait to play this.

Cablephish3170d ago

lol car physics. If I recall you can do a 360 without accelerating the vehicle in the PSP version. Where's the physics in that?!

trippyaaron3170d ago

dude that is physics, not realistic physics, but physics nonetheless

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