'Tis The Year of Incredible Video Game Box Art

2011 has already delivered some of the best video games thus far, everything from shooters to puzzle platformers, the year looks like another record breaking year in gaming. One thing that has stood out from other years, has to be the creative video game box art, box art this good hasn’t been seen for a long while now and it’s great to see the marketing teams giving extra efforts on what can help boosts their sale numbers. Check out some of the Video Game cover art that has really stood out this year.

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rabidpancakeburglar2711d ago

they all stick to cliched video game box covers with the exception of the darkness and maybe resistance. A better set could surely have been picked

The Matrix2710d ago

Catherine wins. Hands down.

madpuppy2710d ago

I agree, I think that L.A. Noir should have had a B&W cover with Cole Phelps partially shrouded in darkness with his gun drawn. Keeping the Neon sign design of the title would have been fine except above the art itself.

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Quagmire2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I really dont like the cover design for Resistance 3. I wouldnt mind it so much had they kept that style throughout the entire series, buts whats the the sudden graphical design change?

This wouldve been a better choice:

The Matrix2710d ago

That looks pretty awesome.

Fez2710d ago

I agree the design choice is a bit strange but I think the new cover looks great. The image you linked has too much going on and is full of cliche.

- Alien - check
- Man with gun - check
- Vehicle - check
- Massive focal point in background - check

The new cover is unique and will stand out in a video game store... which is what they want.

aviator1892710d ago

No gears 3 boxart?
It's pretty epic.

Tigerfist2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

The Darkness II's box art is really something.

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