Portal 2 Playtime Statistics: Just How Much Portal 2 Have You Been Playing?

Gamespot: Portal 2 is a pretty big deal. In fact, it's such a big deal that we thought it would be a great idea to ask the folks at Raptr to share their stats of just how much Portal 2 people have been playing in the first three weeks of its release and how its release affected other Portal-related games. Check out the graphic below to see the data generated from the PC and 360 versions of Portal 2 (PS3 data was unavailable due to PSN's downtime).

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Kee2806d ago

I played it a lot over the course of like 3 days and now I don't play it. Really wish I made it last...

claterz2806d ago

Start playing custom maps! There's about 5-6 new maps posted everyday on this site.
Also they're MUCH harder than the ones in single player. Out of the 20 or so I've downloaded, I think I've completed about 5 lol (I give up easily).

jp332806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

@ claterz

Ha! you just beat me too it about modded maps.

thanks for the link. didn't know about that site, i'll have to check it out


edited just to say that i love your Karl avatar!

Kee2806d ago

I don't play it on my pc. it won't run it,
Thanks anyway.

Klaykid1232806d ago

@Kee did you get the ps3 version?

opoikl2806d ago

I finished the campaign in 2 sittings, wasn't sober enough to do it in one.
Then I went back another time for some easter egg hunting, after which I did a playthrough for the dev commentary.

Then I read the article on easter eggs on gamesradar. It turned out I only found about 25%, so another playthrough was needed to see everything there was to see. By then I was so into the game, I did another speedrun after the 4 other playthroughs.

Even though I feel the game has a perfectly thought out length and pacing, I regret the fact that I can't explore Aperture (new and old) some more. This is one fascinating world with some intriguing characters. Can't get enough of it. I hope the DLC in the summer will somehow be added to the campaign, in the form of a sidetrack you can go on.

PoulCast2806d ago

I finished it in about 10 hours, then I haven't really touched it. Might have to do some co-op, did wish for some new type of multiplayer, involving dropping people off cliffs using your portal gun :D

Tempist2806d ago

Bwhahahahaa, those stats are poor. Portal is too expensive to be worth the small investment of time.

gillri2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )


Me too I didnt fully realise how brilliant it was until it was over!!

I played the SP, took about 9 hours, then completed the coop in about 4 hours the next dat

being a puzzle game and linear I have no reason to go and play it again even with new DLC, (without a context/story for the puzzles to be put it in I dont think im that bothered about it)

so I sold the PS3 copy but kept the included steam version (just in case) and will now look back and reflect at back at my favourite game of the year so far

Munky2806d ago

Played it through once, and that's it.

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