Arcana Heart 3 Tactics Guide – Appendix A2: Choosing Your Main Arcana Part 3

SIliconera writes "Not So Good – The Holy Arcana is one of the most underpowered choices in the entire game, not because it is a particularly weak Arcana, but because it is just weaker for a lot of the reasons that you would consider using it for. The Holy Arcana’s special attacks are not good at controlling space, nor are they particularly good for offense or defense, or increasing combo damage. The Holy Arcana allows you to recover health by using the effect of its Extend Force, but the Arcana also greatly lowers your effective health with its weak Defense modifier, so it is really not that useful for that either. In almost all cases, you are better off choosing Love instead, but if you like unicorns and bright lights, the Holy Arcana might just be the right pick."

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