The Price Cut Game technology reporter Rachel Rosmarin examines how the success of Nintendo Wii is forcing Microsoft and Sony into a price war, how Sony is able to afford the costly price cuts, and analyst forecasts on who's got the best shot at second place (after the Wii.)

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ReBurn4011d ago

Good article. I think a lot of what she's saying makes sense. The Xbox 360 is in Sony's crosshairs right now, and when the $399 PS3 hits it is going to cause waves in the video game market. I honestly believe that a lot of people have been waiting on a price cut to buy the PS3, and now that there are games like Heavenly Sword and Ratchet and Clank available we're going to see the PS3 start to flourish.

I do believe that Microsoft could pull out the stops and keep the lead, though. Now that RROD reports seem to be dwindling, they could further cut the price so that the Core, er...Arcade version sells for the same price as the Wii, the Premium sells for $299 and the Elite clocks in at the same price as the new PS3. That would at least give them ammo to fight with on the price front. Then all it needs is more killer games. The combo of Halo and Mass Effect isn't going to be enough to carry Microsoft, and I'm a bit disappointed overall with the first-party support there this holiday.

Since I already have my 360 and PS3 the price war will have no effect on me, but it is going to be interesting to watch.

socomnick4011d ago

Yea Microsoft should announce a price cut of their own and blamo they are selling 400k a month.

TheMART4011d ago

Sony is selling all kind of parts of their company to fund. Lately 3 billion sale, other sales.

MS will cut the price of the 360 soonish. Forcing Sony to go further in debt!

Kr1554011d ago

"Lately 3 billion sale, other sales"
If your talking about that 2.9 billion dollar IPO. then you need to look up what IPO means. Sony didn't sell control of it's finance division. They took it public. Heres a shocker for you Microsoft and nintendo are both Publically traded companies too. Which means they both at some point offered an IPO. They must be in real trouble LOL

chrisin34011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

I don't typically waste keystrokes on you, but I had to say that your comments are typically pointless.

Vavoom4011d ago

Why is it that when ever Sony says anything about Sony or the Sony brand they get a bunch of flack from all these minions from different walks feeling a need to defend Sony. I have not hear one feel good story about Sony doing anything for any of you.

Please, don't come back with the "Microsoft doesn't either defense", I shows signs of weakness in your debating skills.