Microsoft Boosts Reputation, Sony Fights for Theirs Back

"With Microsoft's new firmware update introducing support for Microsoft's all-new XGD3 DVD format, now available to millions of Xbox 360 owners worldwide, there are a select few left with a console unable to play retail games. Microsft has addressed this issue in a rapid manner to ensure that they keep their customers satisfied and have them back up and running in no time. Meanwhile, Sony is currently wrapping up the restoration process of the PlayStation Network, at least let's hope so, and is now facing a crowd that will be hard to please."

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Nick2120043533d ago

I think Microsoft is supporting their loyal customers in a great manner with this issue. I hope Sony can get the PSN back up and running fully soon!

LOGICWINS3533d ago

Yeah, I hope the Store comes back soon as well. I re-bought Warhawk for cheap at Gamestop today...FANTASTIC game. Its good to know that I'll be able to get the DLC for free with my free month of PS Plus =)

metsgaming3533d ago

how do you know you will get the dlc for free with ps plus?

Achemki3533d ago

The Warhawk DLC was free before PSN went down. So was WipEout HD, Sackboy's Prehistoric Adventures, the new KZ3 Steel Rain DLC...buncha stuff.

Hopefully that won't change. It might as Stacking was only free for a month I think, but all those others were free before the hack with no notice of removal. Good luck Logic!

MaxXAttaxX3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

When it comes to games and gaming itself, it's actually the opposite of the title :P

Besides, Sony has recently revamped PSN's network security.
So... there's that.

HolyOrangeCows3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

So Microsoft fixing a problem that THEY caused through an update with the DVD formatting and certain models = Reputation Boost


Sony fixing an attack on their network and taking a while because they don't want to release anything until the network is secure = "Fighting" for their reputation?

That's the media and Sony/MS for ya.

That's an AWFUL example. The "Vault" wasn't open....the robbers stole the combination. There's nothing you can really do at that point other than change the combo, which Sony did.

Dee_913532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )


some people think that sony knew the risk and did nothing to prevent it
So they think its Sony fault this happened to them

But anybody with a bit of common sense would know that Sony didnt know it was that vulnerable

Because 1. if they did know and did nothing about it ,they wouldve more than likely knew the full extent of it prior to the hack and knew they would of been out a lot of money .. 2.Who would purposely sit there and do nothing knowing they could lose so much money ,information, and fans.. Im sorry but it doesnt add up to me ..

And some people should just stop with the "similar scenario stories " (ie the vault or the boat with the holes etc )
because they are terrible examples and have absolutely nothing in common with this situation

Legion3532d ago


Did you watch the video? Did you see what Microsoft was offering? Not just to fix the 4 year old Xbox but to replace it completely with a brand new 250GB console and a full year of Xbox Live for free.

Similar to the situation where TV media is going digital and there are still some very old television sets that can't handle the new format. But the government is authorizing free converters for the old TV owners. This would be like the government instead replacing old sets with new 36" HD sets and giving them free cable for a year.

Unheard of support. Not that Microsoft is always as helpful in all situations... but still this issue towers above the way Sony handled their fiasco. And really... what did I say... if Sony gets the system back up and have to bring it right back down for more issues then it would bite them in the ass. Well.... they are feeeling the bite in the ass now.

catguykyou3532d ago

Won't you lose access to that dlc once your psn + status runs out?

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MintBerryCrunch3533d ago

as far as console hardware...there will always be a question in the back of people's heads due to the RROD fiasco...if MS comes out with a next gen console first like they did last time, then people should be asking them if they are cutting corners again to get on the market first...and with sony will come online security...if the network will be secure from this generation to the next...a lot of questions that will be answered one way or another

badz1493533d ago

It's been known for quite some time now that Nintendo will come out 1st this time around. MS is too busy with Kinect to even think about releasing the next xbox

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NoobSessions3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

How did you get disagrees?

Gamer_Z3533d ago

Lol I dont know weather he is upsetting MS or PS fanboys and why would his comment upset them in the first place xP

XRider3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

It's because he said somthing positive about MS on N4G.

Greywulf3533d ago

No, its because Nick & His site = nothing but flamebait titles.

Then he pretends to not notice. Just like HHG..

Nick2120043532d ago

XRider hit it right on the nail. Whenever I express my opinion on here and it does not involve praising Sony in all perspectives, the hate just rolls in.

BlackTar1873532d ago

god you xbox praisers are such babies come on with this victim stuff it gets old.

No Way3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Exactly, I don't get it either. It's just stupid. There was no flamebait..
But, you see he's got 76 disagrees. It's cause he talked positive of Microsoft.

@BlackTar187 -
Like the PS Fanboys with their 'everybody hates Sony!' conspiracy theories?

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DragonKnight3533d ago

The only eyes that Sony lost any reputation in are the eyes of fanboys and the media that fans their flamewars. Anyone with common sense knows that Sony is not to blame for any of this, so those of us with the aforementioned common sense have not lost any respect for Sony or what they give us.

XRider3533d ago

You are right Sony isn't to blaim, hackers are. The lack of good security though is Sony's fault.

Nykamari3533d ago

How secure are your information? Hackers could get to anything if they want to. Not to bash you, but nobody is safe from thieves.

DragonKnight3533d ago

@XRider: The misconception that Sony had lax security is a common, yet erroneous one. It has been proven that Sony's security was up-to-date. And even disregarding that, everything gets hacked all the time. The Pentagon, which is supposed to have the greatest security ever, was hacked as well. Get over this "it's Sony's fault" crap because it doesn't hold any weight.

XRider3533d ago

I know what you're saying and I agree with most of it. Let me ask you somthing and please be honest. If a criminal robs a bank and steals your money he is to blame right? What if that bank left the vault doors open? Whose to blame to blame there?

DragonKnight3533d ago

Let me answer your question with another one.

Just because a bank vault door is open, does that means someone should walk in and take whatever they want? There is a choice involved, and Sony's "vault" wasn't as wide open as your example.

I have heard, though can't confirm, that the hackers knew how to fool PSN into believing they were a trusted source. No amount of firewalls would have been any help if they had the ability to fake being a developer.

So here's a new question.

If a thief makes a counterfeit security pass that grants him access to the banks vault, is it still the banks fault for the vault opening for what it read as authorized access?

SixShotCop3532d ago

"If a thief makes a counterfeit security pass that grants him access to the banks vault, is it still the banks fault for the vault opening for what it read as authorized access?"

Ummm... YES??! Is that a trick question?

Pretend your a client of the bank in question, who should be held responsible DragonKnight?

Are you going to give the bank a free pass and go after the thief because it's not the banks fault?


DragonKnight3532d ago

@JerryKurl: I answer your question with experience from my own life.

Last month, my bank account was compromised and "skimmed" for $230.

The way that this was accomplished was that hackers were able to use one of the many debit interac machines I frequently use to read every piece of information about my bank card via the black strip on the back, as well as read what number I pushed in as a PIN.

They then created a counterfeit bank card and then either sold it to someone, or went shopping themselves.

Now, by your logic I should blame the bank for this, but it's not their fault. This is a huge black market business and the hackers know what they're doing. As a client of the bank, I know that the only thing to do was to report it, and they promptly reimbursed me even though it was NOT their fault.

Therefore, LOGIC dictates that if a thief knew enough about how the vault works to make a counterfeit security pass, you can't blame the bank because the thief was smart. You blame the thief, not the victim.

baodeus3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )


So who is to blame in this scenario then:

1. The bank provoke the most notorious thief gangs (Ocean Eleven group with George Clooney, Brat Pitt, Matt Damon, etc...) who know more about the bank's security than the bank.

2. Then the bank negligently left the vault door "slightly" open (since it wasn't as open like u said).

3. Things got stolen, and the people were lock out of their bank access started asking questions.

4. Bank told the people that it is under investigation (but doesn't say what content is being compromised/under investigation) and sometime later that the bank said they didn't know the vault was that vulnerable and customers informations has been stolen.

I mean blaming on Sony alone isn't fair, but i think Sony could have handle it better like:

a. discretly banning hackers (like MS) instead of bullying the top dog that are capable of bitting back. And boy do they left a large wound on Sony back.

b. Eventhough the law said that corporates can keep certain informations (like minor hacks) conseal from public (avoid mass damage to the business at hands), but 77 million isn't consider small if at all. Many people didn't get emails or notices (except if you read n4g's news daily) until sometime later. Sony didn't explain clearly to the public about what had happened and about a week later, they confirmed "your informations have been leaked". I'm not even sure if Sony has even answered the government inquiries yet?

I'm not blaiming on Sony, but like i said, they could have handle things a little bit better.

Can we blame Sony for negligence and bad decisions?

DragonKnight3532d ago

Except that's not how it happened. This is how it happened.

"Ocean's Eleven" group decided they wanted to have full access to every part of the bank and be able to touch all the money they wanted, whenever they wanted.

Bank can't allow this, so the bank took measures to prevent it to protect not only themselves, but the clients of the bank as well.

Group didn't like being told what they can and can't do, so group decided to ruin it for everyone and bust into the bank's CLOSED vault by using counterfeit security cards that made the vault open because it was fooled into believing it was a trusted source.

Group got away with a bit of paperwork on who's part of the bank, but didn't get away with any money because that was behind more locks that can't be opened by the group.

Bank needed to review the security tapes to see exactly what happened, how bad it was, and try to find out who caused it before they could really tell their clients any more than "we were broken into."

Irrational clients, and non-clients, succumbed to mob-mentality and started getting the press involved with a lot of misinformation and erroneous, unproven claims.

The rest is history.

baodeus3532d ago

But would Ocean Eleven group go to such extent to hack into the vault if the bank didn't provoke them (trying to bust all major key player of the Ocean Eleven peeps, put them in jail, get warrant,etc...when only one of the guy legitly (kinda weird, doesn't really apply to bank situation), showing people how to break in bank vault on TV?

Isn't that how it happens first? If they didn't, the group might not have gang up on them. Like i said, going after them discretly is better than bullying people that knows more about your system than yourself. Like marching your soldiers in masses to fight a group who went for guerilla tactics. It just doesn't work (vietnam war, irag, etc...)

U just don't provoke them and not powering up your defenses.

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killajd3533d ago

Whats up with all the disagrees?

Istanbull3532d ago

If MS was supporting their customers, they wouldnt release a console wich they knew had problems BEFORE the console got released, like the RROD!

Vega753532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

And if Sony care about their customers they would have had up to date security to protect it's customers information. In which they knew was outdated since day one.

See what I did there

MysticStrummer3532d ago

Yeah Vega we see what you did there. You replied to a fact with a rumor that's been proven false. Way to go...?

Vega753532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

And how was Sony storing personal info in plain text a rumor?
How was Sony running outdated security software on their servers a rumor?

So I guess the psn didn't get hack cause that was also a rumor too right?

funny how everyone defending sony's incompetence is all of a sudden experts in internet security. when the experts who's job consist of monitoring problems like this even said sony security was weak.

paintsville3532d ago

Any right minded Adult and responsible parents would not get back on PSN or let their kids on it either. Not after this obvious incompetence by Sony. Leave the networking to Microsoft and go back to making TV's or something that you're actually kinda good at. Leave the gaming to Microsoft and Nintendo whom actually know whtat their doing.

Aarix3532d ago

I think a new 2008 console with an extra month of live, or a year if there was problems with mailing, makes up for it

JayD-1K3532d ago

@V75 and PV

But aren't you two doing the same thing for MS? Your defending their incompetence in designing a counsel with KNOWN faults AND releasing it to the consumer?

And for any XBLG subscriber out there, are you telling that MS's network is more secure than Sony's even though, it is a KNOWN fact that you can hack into an individual account and steal MS points?

you can't stop stupid people from believing what they want to believe! We build homes with WINDOWS every day and never stop to think that, they are one of the single greatest weaknesses in a homes defense /security.
I'm afraid that the insurance companies with start charging us more for a home with windows because, they make easier for thieves to brake in!

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fullmetal2973532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Xbox owners get an entirely new console AND a year worth of gold in the end.

Sony owners get a couple of free games and 30 days or 2 months of PS plus depending on their subscription. However, they still have the looming though of their personal info being held hostage.

Hmm, which one is the better deal to the consumer...

MetalProxy3532d ago

?? entirely new console AND a year worth of gold in the end?
Sorry iam confused, are you talkn about the rrod ordeal? where are you from? when my xbox died I got a refurbished threesixty (with what apearred to be chocolate all over it)and only a month of live :/

fullmetal2973532d ago

Seems like you didn't bother reading the article. Microsoft is also having issues with its latest firmware update. The latest update is giving people with older consoles with disc read errors and Microsoft is giving them brand new Xbox with a year Gold.

Aarix3532d ago

@metal proxy
if your console gets RROD your console is new and in a package.

fullmetal2973532d ago

I don't understand how and why I'm getting disagrees when I'm merely stating facts.

Legion3532d ago

@ many people above....

Yes originally when rrod issue was at hand they attempted to repair some consoles. And other times they determined that replacement of console with new console was needed if repair was not feasible.

As for this deal it is a new situation and Microsfot has learned that image is more important then cost in recent events. (thank you SOny)

now as to comparing the 2 events though... they are different events between what Sony and Microsoft has gone through. So what Sony offered is very good for what occured. That still does not lessen the current issues of security and lack in faith that SOny has any control of the situation.

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Boon Tarkas3532d ago

Check out your disagrees man. WTF.
This community doesn't make sense.

SonyPS3603532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Lol at the recycled counter arguments and disagrees. Sony could commit genocide and its nut huggers would still blindly kiss their ass.

At least with my 360 I didn't have to worry about my money being stolen.

Valk3531d ago

You pay for online. Thats the same as stealing. Every other platform does that for free.

SonyPS3603531d ago

Better than having security holes and weeks of downtime I say.

Paying for something willingly and having money stolen aren't the same thing. You're basically a retard for saying otherwise.

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BrianG3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

What's funny is I'm watching Attack of The Show, which is a Live gaming show that is supposed to be up to date, etc.. etc...

But they, just as this author, are spreading false information. The Xbox update issue in question is from a PREVIOUS SOFTWARE UPDATE, already cleared up by Microsoft and Major Nelson. (If the sources I've seen are correct)

I mean honestly think about it. If MS knew that this update would harm consumers Xbox's ahead of time, why would they release it? They would simply retool the update so that this issue doesn't happen and release the update at a latter date.

btk3533d ago

After years into the console generation the XB360 can now read a whopping 7.8GB. The media claims victory for MS. Their reputation is boosted. They innovated. They increased their disk size by an amazing 1GB.

From very early on the PS3 can read 25-50GB on BR disks. Might even increase to 100GB or 200GB. Their reputation is in shatters claims the media.

Makes about sense for the games media this generation.

LOGICWINS3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

@btk- Thats what happens when you launch ur product a year after your competition at a $600 price point. Do this..and the media NEVER forgets. Sad, but true.

But the media bashing isn't as bad as people here make it out to be. All popular tech/games outlets(including G4) acknowledge Uncharted 2 as 2009's GOTY.

Also, the PS3 is currently outselling the Xbox 360 worldwide. With this very fact, I don't see the need to care what the media thinks because consumers worldwide CLEARLY see why the PS3 is worth buying.

Cardenjs3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I payed 600 bucks for a launch console and havent regretted it since, but everyone forgets that there was a 500 dollar edition with 20 gigs, everyone compares xboxs lowest price with sonys highest price.

Edit: PS3 has not quite outsold the 360 yet, but if you compare numbers with the 360's, the PS3 has been selling faster so its just a matter of time

Biggest3533d ago

I think that is what he means. It is outselling the 360, with selling as the key word.

Takoulya3533d ago

I would honestly hate buying a PS3 at launch, mainly because of the firmware. You couldn't even go on the XMB while playing a game... that would be far too basic for me. I'm mainly a PS3 gamer, but I applaud Microsoft for the 360's software, if nothing else. Smoothly integrated, especially since the 2010 (?) update. It's easy and integrates into everything. PS3's firmware hasn't been lacking either, with many new updates, but I believe that it's time for a real UPDATE for the XMB, give it a good change. Now would be a great time.

gamingdroid3533d ago

If I don't remember wrong, the Xbox 360 OS only occupies 32 MB of space. That is damn small!

You got to give it to MS when it comes to software. Smooth as butter from day one. Hardware was also questionable since day-1 though. That said, Xbox 360 S seems mighty robust and well designed to me.

3532d ago
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a_bro3533d ago

yea, i dont think $599 USD will happen ever again next generation.

Aarix3532d ago

It might hath to....if next generation is as big as a jump from ps2 to ps3 then I wouldn't be surprised if it's $999

aviator1893533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

You having fun trolling?? Well, your one-bubble explains it.

Anyways, 1 GB may not seem a whole lot to you or to the majority of consumers, but it means tons to developers who want to squeeze in a little bit more content to their games. Yes, ps3 has blu-ray with tons of space, I'm not going to deny that, but this is microsoft trying to improve their hardware in the current gen by working with what they currently have to help out the developers by giving them a little more space to work with. But I'm sure you among others will find ways to bash anything MS related here.

Biggest3533d ago

Looks as if you're trolling his comment. But to be fair, he is a bit off base. Remember the skit "Lowered Expectations" on SNL? This is a case of that very thing. You can definitely say that Microsoft has boosted their reputation by adding a little more space. When the bar is set as low as DVD9(-2), it is not hard to raise it. A boost is a boost.

Mr Tretton3533d ago

I think his point was MS coming off as heroes for adding 1 GB to a DVD is just laughable and biased.

Sure any improvement is an improvement. But there is something called significance.

Eddie201013533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

It's too little too late, is 1 gig of space enough to make a difference, your still going to have probably just as many multi disk games on the Xbox 360 as before.

Just proves that Sony was smart to go with a larger disk format from the beginning.

Oh, that's wright we are not supposed to give Sony any credit for being truely better at something than the Xbox 360 is, else we will be referred to as fanboys.

aviator1893533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

User, I'm not denying at all the amount of space the blu-ray disc provides to developers and I'm not labeling anyone here as a fanboy of any console. I'm simply trying to convey that, despite this improvement in the 360 hardware, some individuals like btk will find ways to bash MS anyways. It's an improvement, it's not harming anyone, it's simply improving space issues, though it may not be by a considerable amount, for all developers. Why not just appreciate this action and leave it as it is?

But people here will look past what I'm trying to say and go directly back to blasting MS and immediately turn their attention to Sony's blu-ray disc.

3532d ago
moparful993532d ago

"This generation, the one-disc 360 games have been just as high quality (in general) as PS3's 25-50GB games."

Want to know where all of that extra space goes on blu-ray discs? How about god of war 3? No loading screens whatsoever and one of the best graphical games of this entire generation.. Uncharted 2 easily one of the highest rated exclusives of this generation... I'm sorry but the 360 struggles to keep up in comparrisson to those two titles alone.. But of course your only argument is game length as if thats the lithmus test for game quality.. Most intelligent people know that game quality is a measure of many factors including graphics, gameplay, story, sound, controls, pacing etc.. But your feeble mind latches onto the one fact that lends any creedance to your argument.. Sigh some people will never learn...

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tmanmushroom3533d ago

Sony is trying their best to come back from the PSN disaster. The 2 free games are nice, we'll just have to wait and see if we'll get anything else