Battlefield 3: Going Back to Karkand #2: “Wake Island has a special place in my heart”

Hi Niklas Fegraeus! You’re Lead Designer on Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand, where the classic Wake Island map will be remade. How far do you and Wake Island go back?
-- Wake Island was my very first Battlefield experience, like it was for so many others. In 2002, I was actually involved in a professional Counter-Strike clan. We had just trounced our opposing team, when they proposed a rematch – in the recently released Battlefield 1942 demo on Wake Island!

So what did you think of your very first Battlefield experience?
-- Never having played anything like Battlefield before, my squad of Counter-Strikers ran along on the ground on Wake Island while the other team dive-bombed us with Zero fighters. I was like “IMBA! What’s the fun in this?” Pretty soon, though, I realized this was something completely new and different, and that it was in fact an awesome game. :)

Rest of the interview, and article with new Wake Island Concept art for BF3

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BeastlyRig3537d ago

This map will look amazing & feel amazing to play once again!

But.. I can't wait to see NYC at night time with rain or snow & destruction!

callmedom943537d ago

I just cannot wait to get this game in my hands

BeastlyRig3537d ago

I can't wait to get it in my system!

Jack-H3537d ago

Quit teasing us!!! :)

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ivant3537d ago

Enough of the maps.

Just deliver the game already.

Rather have official confirmation of all the vehicles ... jets mainly.