What to do if you are Crashing or Freezing in L.A. Noire

Rockstar Support: We are sorry to hear the game is freezing! We have received a few tickets about some isolated crashes / freezes and we are investigating them individually to find out the causes and the resolution.

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Jamegohanssj52709d ago

In other words. Give your employees a 2 weeks vacation the week the game is released because of freezing problems. Don't release a patch. GTA IV fiasco all over again.


egidem2709d ago

Gilmore Girls? Hmm...

AAACE52709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

For a guy to have a pic of Gilmore girls as his avatar... I think the last thing you want is for a guy to get off your d**k bro!

I'll admit, both of them are d**k candy, especially the mom when she was in Bad Santa!

Anyway, I keep considering this game but keep changing my mind on it!

Therealspy032709d ago

I had it freeze within the first 5 minutes of installing it on my ps3. tried to open the social club, screen went black, music got stuck on a 3 second loop.

has been fine ever since though.

egidem2709d ago

Mine didn't freeze my PS3, until I reached the main menu, then went to the DLC section. L.A. Noire tried to look for DLC but oops...PSN store wasn't up yet and this caused the entire system to freeze. I had to force-shutdown my PS3.

Turned it back on, all went well, but I avoided going back to the DLC section again!

cr33ping_death2709d ago

same here, but i checked for DLC, just to see what would happen and it froze. restarted my PS3 at the power button and after that the game is running without problems.

egidem2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Perhaps it's a bug simply caused by the PS store being offline/unavailable?

Either way, I'm loving the game and hopefully when the store goes back online, the PS3 won't freeze when I try to access the DLC section...or maybe a patch will be released...either way we're gonna have to wait. :)

krazykombatant2709d ago

If your experiencing crashes and glitches i believe you have to wait for a patch... or you can rub a sharp object preferably a key against the back side of the CD usually that gets the problems out.

Falaut2709d ago

this actually upgrades your game, any game really, to the beta of "media cannot be read" 2. i've been pretty stoked about this sequel.


creamsoda2709d ago

I've never played a Rockstar game that hasn't crashed. EVER!

Jacks_Medulla2709d ago

I haven't experienced any problems yet. The people above all said they went to the DLC first; I didn't. Could that be the problem?

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