CVG- Dungeon Siege 3: Typical dungeon crawl or much more?

CVG: "The signs, then, are looking extremely good for their upcoming hack-'n'-slash Dungeon Siege III. For starters, it's a story-driven adventure that plays nicely to Obsidian's strengths. Obsidian's retained key personnel from the old Black Isle Studios team and while technical hiccups have marred their past games the writing has always been consistently solid.

More importantly, Dungeon Siege III is a by-the-numbers looting game. And to put it bluntly, that means there's a lot less for Obsidian to screw up during production. It would take an astronomical implosion to run the project aground given the relatively simplicity of the on-screen action. With that in mind we're hopeful Dungeon Siege III will be the game that completely reverses people's cautious opinions of Obsidian."

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