BC list edges towards 300

If the Bank Holiday weekend wasn't enough to give cheer, Microsoft packaged another update to its ever growing Backwards Compatibility List, adding 39 titles to it, as well as updates for another 9, including Half Life 2. The update pushes the total number of titles up to 300 games.

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TheMART5871d ago

It's impressive 300 games, but I still miss Ralli Sport Challenge 2!

Dreamworker5871d ago

i miss it to or give me a ralli sport 3

DG5871d ago

I want my Fifa Street 2!

Mikey_Gee5871d ago

CounterStike is on the list .... YEAH.

Will buy it tonight.

I also see that "Mortal Kombat® Deception" is BACK ON THE LIST.

I know folks has MANY MANY issues with this but it is back on the list with "UPDATED" next to it ... any idea if the problems were fixed ??? I had bought it for the 360 and really wanted to play it but it had many problems so returned it before opening it.

So ..... if it is now FIXED, can you let me know .. I'd like to pick that up as well.


And yeah I know we will see a "WHO CARES" about old games ... well for those of use who have not had a XBOX before, we LOVE the old stuff too.

cosmoracer5871d ago

I just want to make Mikey Gee's prediction true. Bur really - Who cares about old games? I have an XBOX for that. Backward compatability is just a novelty, nothing else. I think the concept sells systems, but now one actually plays dated games for very long.

Morbius4205871d ago

When my XBone crapped out in March I was going to buy another one but I got lucky and was able to buy a 360 instead. Now i have a lot of XBone games I haven't finished yet and I don't want to buy another one.