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Hepcats! Here's your read-along handy helper:

Games, games, games! Lots of new games have been announced, and talk about the bulk of the recent ones, and what they'll mean. Of course, this is just people trying to get ahead of the tidal wave of E3 announcements that are hurtling your way. Which reminds me, get that swimsuit out!

The PlayStation Network is finally back up, although the Store is still down. Sony has rolled out their "Welcome Back" plan, but what do you think? Personally, I already own most of those games. What about us early adopters?

Modern Warfare 3 got leaked, badly. Instead of denying or being silent, Activision decided to release the news after the floodgates open. But what does that really mean for the future of game announcements?
Oh, and talk about that little Rockstar game. Just a bit.

Feedback: Hitting the spe...

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trounbyfire3531d ago

had to to get my 3 news submissions

Tilian3529d ago

Wow, Sess got a bit defensive there about LA Noire and didn't like what Nicole had to say.