GamesRadar: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review

GamesRadar: "Like every other LEGO game, you run dumpy LEGO people around like they’re madmen, swinging your weapon nonchalantly and destroying everything you come in contact with. Most of the terrain is destructible and you're rewarded for your transgressions with the whimsical spilling of LEGO studs (game currency), which allow you to purchase everything from cheats to costumes in the home base, called "The Port." Sure, we've done it before, but it's still fun.

See, like a child who watches the same film over and over, there's a small comfort in knowing if you've played one LEGO game you've played them all. Pirates doesn't make any attempts to reinvent the formula, but differentiates itself in a few small ways. For one, Pirates is certainly the most gorgeous LEGO game ever. From motion blur to pristine water reflections the scenery looks great comically juxtaposed with LEGO trees and impossibly stocky LEGO people. The game is also more difficult than its predecessors."

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