Michael Pachter: “CoD Competition Could Do More Harm than Good”

Michael Pachter weighs in on Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in an excerpt of DeltaGamer's exclusive interview.


My apologies for the somewhat misleading title. DeltaGamer changed it, thanks for the feedback.

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Dramscus3537d ago

Also nothing with pachter (aka captain obvious) should really be approved. Not newsworthy at all.

teething3536d ago

Nowhere in the article does Patcher say “CoD Competition Could Do More Harm than Good”

What type of crap reporting is this????

Oh yeah... this is N4G. :(

gcolley3536d ago

and i still clicked on it, damn what a waste of time

iamtehpwn3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Call of Duty going the way of Guitar Hero and dinosaurs would do everyone a lot of good.

news4geeks3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

yeah, Pachter is a waste of time... unless he says something along the lines of Uncharted3 looking awesome in 3D, right guys?

p.s. Pachter isn't that bad. Imagine if people were out to quote/misquote every single sentence that came out of your mouth. That's what Pachter must put up with.

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btk3537d ago

Competition is bad. Well. Why is anything this clown say supposed to be news? Just perma ban him already.

blumatt3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Battlefield 3 will hopefully make Activision get off their butt and do something innovative, like destructibility and bullet drop. Oh, and while you're at it, Activision, UPDATE your freakin game engine! We're seeing games like Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, and Gears 3 push boundaries in graphics and CoD still looks the same as the beginning of this generation. Graphics aren't everything, but come on. Don't be lazy, Activision. Use all that money you're making from dlc and make the game better!

And, Pachter, you're delusional.

Trroy3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Not touching MW3 until its proven good. Pre-ordering it is foolhardy, given the shakeup at IW.

3536d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.