Dead Island screenshots make a bloody mess

PCGAMER: The latest batch of Dead Island screenshots may well be the most violent yet. We’ve seen ‘orrible zombies and blood soaked swimming pools, but the image of an undead head disintegrating into a cloud after being shot in the head sets a new bar. Still, you know how it is, playing zombie games means seeing lots of zombie brains. Mmm, brains. New images below.

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CraigBaker2714d ago

Were you two looking at the same screens as me? This game sounds like a terrible idea and thanks to these pictures I can see what a piece of shit it is. The position of weapons on screen are at an odd angle and the guns are over sized and textureless. What a massive turd, deffo a no buy.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2713d ago

Couldn't disagree more with you.

Looks like this could be really fun if done right.

I for one won't put a game in the never going to play basket based on a few pre-BETA images...