Kotaku: The Difference Between L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto

Kotaku writes: I enjoy L.A. Noire. I enjoy it for reasons that have nothing to do with why I enjoyed Grand Theft Auto IV. Despite superficial similarities, two games are barely alike, which I've carefully explained before.

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Dramscus2714d ago

I've totally been waiting for this kind of game.
I hope I have enough to spare in the next while :/
Money's been kind of tight after all the games I bought the last few months >.>

Pintheshadows2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I found the delight of trading in. I was a hoarder until recently. It will really help your wallet.

Oh a disagree fairy in our midst.

@stu exactly what I do. I try to keep hold of rpg's and FIFA mainly. FIFA is my go to game if i'm bored of everything else. I've tried ebay a couple of times and your right. You can get some really good deals.

stu8882714d ago

trading in/selling on ebay is brilliant for gamers on a tight budget!

I just keep games that I love/too good to sell!

metsgaming2714d ago

so basically in gta the peds have no idea a car is about to run them over and in la noire its the complete opposite they have a 6th sense and even when they look like they will get hit they get away by some how slipping to the side of the car. But the driving,shooting and running look very very similar which is a huge disappointing.

blu3print2714d ago

Probably the same NPCs as in Midnight Club, you couldn't hit them and you were driving at them @ 100mph+

ethan2714d ago

Actually you can hit and kill them. But they do manage to jump out of the way in most instances. Just takes a special touch to mow them down. I like to shoot their tires out while they are driving and watch them crash into other cars while trying to escape! (before anyone says you can't shoot at civilians, I have the game and have done so. During any part of a case involving Cole equipping his weapon, simply leave the crime scene and start unloading your shotgun on anyone around. But if you shoot and kill a civilian it makes you restart the case)

Dee_912714d ago

it feels more like the getaway than GTA

AyeGee2714d ago

I think it's from the same people that made the Getaway. Not entirely sure though.

Chuvanes2714d ago

can u steal cars in l.a. noire?

Pintheshadows2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

You can requisition them for official flower business.

Police not flower. Had a Family sketch in my head.

Ju2714d ago

Of course. Cars in 45 were slower. Those guys had more time to react. LOL.

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