Activision’s Eric Hirshberg responds to Modern Warfare 3 leak

Activision publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has commented on last week’s massive Modern Warfare 3 scoop, stating that the firm chose to turn what could have been a bushel of lemons for the firm, into a batch for “lemonade,” instead.

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thrasherv32712d ago

You know he was raging when it first leaked.

user94220772712d ago

Good; while it's harsh, Activision deserve it somewhat.

Dramscus2712d ago

We all love leaks. I just like to know what games are on the way. They hate them but it builds hype in weird internet community's.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2712d ago

There was no leak this was all done to plan to hype their new game on the cheap, this is the new thing lately to save on advertising during "hard" times (if Activision has ever had a poor day since acquiring COD).

Activision are snakes and Kotic is their head serpent.

Don't ever believe one word he/they utter.

AAACE52712d ago

I don't think anything gets leaked! These companies do it to spread the word!

It's like the age old saying, Kids want to do what they aren't suppose to. And we want to know about what we aren't suppose to!

Tell the truth, doesn't it make you more excited knowing we weren't suppose to see something? Kinda like if a cute chicks skirt goes up a bit too far.

chriski3332712d ago

no way u know they did it on purpose to get the hype train rolling nice and early

thrasherv32712d ago

..I don't think so. After the leak they released FOUR trailers in one night. Why would they make 4 trailers and then release them in one day? I'm sure they meant to spread those out until E3 for the big gameplay reveal BUT the huge(and mostly likely accurate) info that was released changed that.

UnbiasedGamer2712d ago

Soon we will see a gameplay we can see if this game is not once again recycled material with the same ancient engine...

Pintheshadows2712d ago

This degree of damage control suggests that Kotaku really let the cat out of the bag.

aviator1892712d ago

The leak isn't even worth talking about..
It's basically the same stuff from modern warfare 2..
In modern warfare 2, america was under siege, in modern warfare 3, america is under siege once again along with other countries..

GamerSciz2712d ago

Teaser trailers aren't really worth it 90% of the time. 30 seconds to see it say CoD MW3. Just make a press release or something. I never really liked teasers.

user94220772712d ago

Bottom line is, Crecente from Kotaku who leaked it is a complete dick. He looks like a dick, has a face of a dick and he knows he's a dick.

However, Activision deserve this as they aren't the coolest guys, too. They milk gamers with such ease on the same engine, same damn game (just different maps, and tweaked).

But really, Crecente is the real loser here. Let the big games have their own unveil, why fucking leak them?

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The story is too old to be commented.