Deus Ex Human Revolution to rival or surpass Mass Effect and Fallout?

Msxbox-world writes "Deus Ex Human Revolution is coming to a console near you and quite frankly, from what we've seen and played, it could easily rival and possibly surpass the big hitters of the action role playing genre such as Mass Effect and Fallout 3. If you're a fan of those games then read on."

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bunt-custardly2708d ago

As much as the other games will no doubt be great, the latest Deus Ex gets my attention, simply because it's something new. It might be a brand we're familiar with, though the presentation and gameplay options are enough to stick at the forefront of my mind, more so than another Mass Effect or Fallout.

Tompkins2707d ago

Yeh something fresh is much needed in this genre.

MaggieA2707d ago

I'm less excited for Mass Effect 3 than I was for 2. This game is sounding pretty decent and looks quite good as well.

No-Brainer2707d ago

Deus Ex the cult classic series. Nuff said.

stealth500k2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

no because the game looks like shit and boring and generic. Its an rpg in the most basic sense (its not even really an rpg)


ha, and what is mass effect then?

.. and what does not look generic these days?

I say bring it on, I was really hyped about mass effect the start of this gen, but now I have no interest in it at all. This however has my full attention.

Son_Lee2707d ago

My most anticipated game. Cannot WAIT for this to come out! Pre-ordering it next month! This preview just made the wait unbearable!

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