Nintendo: We don't have plans to reach out to Bungie, hands are full

Speaking to MTV, Perrin Kaplan of Nintendo was asked about the possibility of bringing over Bungie IP to the Nintendo platforms but she didn't seem overly enthusiastic about the idea. Kaplan noted that Nintendo has it's hands full and there are no plans to reach out to Bungie. She was then asked if it would be nice to have a Bungie developed game on the Wii and she replied by saying it is hard to say and it would come down to creativity and innovation.

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WilliamRLBaker4011d ago

ninty needs something only its 1st party games are of quality.

ItsDubC4011d ago

Capcom has actually been bringing the heat on Wii but so far for the most part you're right. But like Kaplan said, Bungie games coming to the Wii will be determined by creativity and innovation. Just another FPS like Halo or Marathon wouldn't cut it in either of those categories.

WilliamRLBaker4011d ago

an FPS would be fine on the Wii i mean the MP3 interface works perfectly well.

ItsDubC4011d ago

Hmm... good point. MP3's controls work very well so an FPS on Wii has the potential to be more innovative and creative than just another FPS. Something similar to the grapple function in MP3 that allows players to shoot and perform another function at the same time would be refreshing for the FPS genre (I consider MP3 to be more of an FPA than an FPS) and the Wii controls could enable non-traditional FPS elements such as that.

I'd hardly call Halo innovative but its storyline is fairly creative. Regardless, I don't think Halo will ever make an appearance on the Wii.

WilliamRLBaker4011d ago

I mean microsoft is the company letting Certain RARE games come to DS titles their have been 2 I believe so far, So an halo prequal on the Wii or side story maybe?

Lostplanet is one game that could do with the grapple because it all ready has that in the game.
MP3 is amazing its got great graphics and so far the gameplay is top notch it takes time to get a handle on the control system but im having fun with it.

PS360WII4011d ago

heck it doesn't even need to be a spin off. Just (yes I'm going to say the p word) port H1 to the Wii ^^ throw in the matchmaking and we'll have the uberness of what the Halo series could of been. H2 was aweful but it's saving grace was multiplayer. If they remake H1 then we get the uber solo story and the uber multiplayer. Ah well would never happen though.

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otherZinc4011d ago

Someone needs to tell this woman Bungie's Halo will sell more than Metroid.

ItsDubC4011d ago

Doesn't MS own the Halo IP?

Salvadore4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Is she trying to say that Halo lacks creativity and innovation? Atlest MS has to balls to let go of Bungie.

RadientFlux4011d ago

Is it me or does it sound weird when Nintendo references "creativity and innovation". When they keep using their own characters over and over again and reusing the same plot over and over again (ie Zelda)

While I am looking forward to playing Mario Galaxy this winter, there really isn't much else coming from Nintendo that looks all that creative.

PS360WII4011d ago

the people and story are usually the same but the actual game and how you play it always changes. That's why they can use the terms creativity and innovation.

Rooftrellen4011d ago

Zelda? Well, I suppose if we close our eyes and ignore Wind Waker took place in a massive ocean and had a totally different look, we can say it hasn't done anything new in 9 years.

Mario is somewhat in the same boat, assuming we don't count Luigi's mansion as a "Mario game" and close our eyes to Sunshine...the only two Mario games on the GC.

Maybe you mean Metriod. So long as we ignore the Prime trilogy or ignore the NES/SNES games, it hasn't done anything creative or new.

Maybe since no one liked Double Dash we can ignore it and say Mario Kart hasn't done anything new.

Nintendo might have the same name slapped on to a game, but you can count on something new almost every time.

predator4011d ago

i wouldnt bank on nintendo and bungie working together soon,

anyone remember when shyngi had a pop at bungie about halo and bungie gave them a pop back

Darkiewonder4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

They would keep those guys in the back working on one of their own franchise [Nintendo's IP]

Speaking of that, What is Monolith Soft doing anyways? Are they still working on Disaster? I swear. xD

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