Dyack: One-console future "inevitable"

Silicon Knights boss Dennis Dyack believes it's inevitable that the future will see a single, unified console format hit the market.

His opinion has appeared in the wake of an EA senior executive expressing the same view.

In an article penned for Official Xbox Magazine, Dyack said, "Imagine a unified platform -- one console for all gamers -- that would bring a massive paradigm shift to the games industry, where games would become better in quality, cheaper, and more widely available. Sound good? It can happen. Better yet, it's inevitable. It will happen".

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hella whip4017d ago

I think this would be a bad thing. They'd be no competition for hardware so prices would be high. In the end the unified platform would just turn into a PC and console gaming would be lost forever, I don't think Sony or Nintendo would like that. Microsoft maybe would.

predator4017d ago

it would be a bad thing, the fanboys will be out of a job

THE_JUDGE4017d ago

its called the PC. They used to have the majority share in games and now we have multiple consoles so they had to make the 360 to compete. Given enough time they will drop the console and make everyone play PC's yet again.

marinelife94017d ago

Well the competition would come in other forms of entertainment. But I think you're right I can see MS or Sony taking a lot of shortcuts if they had no competition. It certainly wouldn't be innovative the selling point wouldn't be the hardware it would be the games so the hardware maker would care less.

Real Gambler4017d ago

Nintendo cannot produce them fast enough as we speak. There's absolutely no fancy hardware in the console. It's extremely easy to put together!

YET, they cannot produce them fast enough. They would likely have sold more than 12 millions this year if they could have filled the pipe.

Now, assuming you're making only one console, it would be more complex than a Wii. Since you would have only one, it's quite easy to assume the market would call for about 20 millions consoles a year. Being harder to put together, and having more complex and harder to find parts, it would be even harder to fill the pipe!!!

So what would happen? Demand would bring the price up. No competition would bring the price up. Good news is that games would be cheaper, but oops, games being cheaper would likely mean more gamers so more console needed.

skagrerrrr4017d ago

would be baaaaad & expensive!

neogeo4016d ago

I will never ever happen period!

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socomnick4017d ago

How would there be no competition the developers would still compete for you to buy their games.

hella whip4017d ago

No competition for the price of the console. Do you think the price of the PS3 would of gone down so soon if it was the only console on the market?

predator4017d ago

then wouldnt this one-platform console be cheap in order to keep the game industry afloat if this was to happen?

hella whip4017d ago

It wouldn't be as cheap as it could be. Its only competiton would be gaming PCs which cost a lot more. People will still buy the console even if it is a little expensive just because it'd be their only choice. Competition is a good thing for the game industry. Why innovate when your the only console maker? competition gives us better gaming systems due to each trying to 1up the other.

predator4017d ago

at above, im not saying that i want this to happen, im juts trying to look at it from both angles

Real Gambler4016d ago

It's quite likely they don't even make much money from every consoles sold even today! They take a loss because they want to grab the market.

Now, if only one console comes out, do you think they will sell it at a loss??? If there's only one, it will be sold with a profit right away.

PS3 was close to $800, 360 was close to $600, manufacturing wise. Average it to $700, add profit, and you have a $800 console on the market... Wouldn't you buy a pc instead?

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Leg-End4017d ago

i posted same article just after you i must have missed it when checking 4 duplicates

oh well life goes on...

predator4017d ago

dont worry, i seem to do that, thinking i got a good news article but some beets me to it by seconeds. lol

Armyless4017d ago

It's a pipe dream to assume 1 "super" console fits everyone's needs versus cheaper consoles that segment the population more specifically to meet their individual needs.

Nothing gets these corporations attention FASTER than the prospect of losing business/market share to their competitors, where their BUSINESS IS giving the consumer exactly what he/she wants. Remove competition, you remove accountability to the consumer.


kss4017d ago

if sony wins the war this wont happen if ms does it probably will

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