Playstation Move Bundle marked down to $79.99, comes with a $20 Gift Card

Conflicting Gamers - "I was not blown away with the Playstation Move when I played with it at E3 last year. While the controls felt very responsive, the games just seemed lame. When it was released in September, none of the games seemed to impress any of the reviewers. That’s not to say that there isn’t some fun to be had here, and I’m sure in time there will be a definitive Move game that will tempt me into picking it up. I’m not a Killzone fan, but I’ve been hearing VERY good things when playing Killzone 3 with the Move controller."

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LOGICWINS3533d ago

WOW..what a deal! I think I might have to jump on this!

epicdestroy3533d ago

I've been waiting for a deal like this to get Move... I want to know if it's really worth it though.

MintBerryCrunch3533d ago

if you play games like KZ3 and Socom, its really something different and new in terms of precision and gameplay, you should experience it at least once to see if you like it

im sure Sony will reveal a bunch of move titles at E3 and hopefully a release for Sorcery

AAACE53533d ago

Good deal! Should boost sales significantly, especially for those still on the fence.

Ju3533d ago

Its definitively worth it. Great deal.

LOGICWINS3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Well, it depends. There aren't any games right now that I'd personally consider MUST HAVE Move games, but obvs Sony will announce some great shit at E3. But I also wonder why Best Buy is doing this..could this mean that a permanent price drop is coming soon?

This is a tempting offer...but I'm sure there will be even better deals than this on Black Friday etc. I'd rather just wait to see if theres a game I would ACTUALLY want to buy Move for...and like I said, this could mean that a permanent price drop is coming soon.

ABizzel13533d ago

I'm glad I didn't open my Gamestop Bundle yet. They had it on sale for $75, but $80 with a $20 gift card is even better.

LOGICWINS3533d ago

Hmmm, the fact that Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop have the bundle on sale for $80 instead of the regular $100 pretty much confirms that Sony's gunna announce a price drop soon OR that they'll start including the Nav controller in the regular $100 Move bundle.

ABizzel13533d ago

$100 is a tough sell for a me too version of the Wii, even if it's technically better. Sony should have launched this bundle for $60 if they really wanted to compete. That would have got the message across. The bundle is basically a Wii Sports/ Wii Play Bundle which cost $50, and now they even have the new Motion Plus controller bundled with some block game for $30 (it's not Boom Blox).

Even if it does come with the PS Eye (which has been out forever) they should have just launched it at $60, more people would have been willing to adopt it early, compared to $100.

Your Logic Seems about right, and I might as well buy it and wait to see what happens after E3.

Jack-H3533d ago

Nice try Sony.... jp I love yous guys

RavageX3533d ago

I wish they would hurry up and do a medieval style game. Gladiators and Archery from Sports Champions has painted a promising future with that style of game with Move.

Swords, shields, bows and arrows, crossbows, magic, dragons, etc.

Just imagine an rpg-style game via move. Hell, let it scan your face and you can appear in cutscenes.

Why has this not been done yet? No, instead everyone wants to use guns...come on, ppl should be SICK of that by now.

gypsygib3533d ago

Move is amazing with Killzone 3. The learning curve is huge but it makes me never want to play a FPS with analogs again - my k/d has never been higher. I hope Sony really pushes Move on devs for BF3, MW3, ect.

But aside from Killzone 3, Move has no games.

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