Is the upped Amazon Credit for LA Noire enough to deter you from the ‘better’ Kmart deal?

Conflicting Gamers - "It looks like Amazon FINALLY upped their PS3 and Xbox 360 LA Noire gaming credit to $20 (it was $15 for the longest time), but it seems it’s a little too late, at least for me anyways. Don’t get me wrong here, a $20 gaming credit for a brand new game is nothing to shake your head at, but when there’s an infinitely better deal out there, it begs the question: Why did it take Amazon so long to up their deal, and is it enough to match the Kmart deal? Since they waited so long, I ALREADY picked up the Kmart deal on release day yesterday, so for me, they definitely waited too long."

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epicdestroy2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Yup.... Definitely no...

TheLastGuardian2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

How is a Kmart's deal better? I'd rather get $20 off inFAMOUS 2 than some cheap ass game. Plus, you save money by not having to drive to Kmart or pay taxes.

epicdestroy2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

@TheLastGuardian I see what you're saying, but you could also just sell your $20 game on eBay, then use the extra $20 Kmart gaming credit towards the purchase of inFAMOUS 2. Sure it's a little more work, but you could potentially save up to $40 on inFAMOUS 2 rather than just $20! To each his own I guess...

FNAG2710d ago

Even WITHOUT selling the game, Kmart gives you the same $20 credit PLUS a "cheap ass" game to boot. How do you NOT think Kmarts deal is better?

And don't say "tax" cuz even if you are unfortunate enough to live in a location with 10% sales tax, you're still only paying $6.00 max in tax for another (up to) $20 game!

BlackTar1872710d ago

Convience and there is no kmarts in my area.

Also to the person yea lol sell one of those games on ebay for $20 is quite a reach.

epicdestroy2710d ago

@BlackTar187 - Even if you don't get the full $20 for it...say you only get $5 for it, it's STILL better than the Amazon deal. You'd get a $25 credit versus Amazon's $20! No matter what, the Kmart deal is better...

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Drazz2710d ago

I preordered L.A. Noire when they had $15 dollar credit, they sent me another 5 today! Amazon is number 1 to me.

BlackTar1872710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

i agree.

1 good kmart deal doesn't off set the great deals all together for doing business thru amazon.

also to some people having it show up in the mail on day 1 at your work is worth more then a crappy 19.99 title that if it was good enough i would already own.

If kmart sells demon soul though i would say go get that game

pansenbaer2710d ago

Yes. Purchased it from Amazon today, already had a $20 credit to use.

BLAKHOODe2710d ago

Picked up LA Noire at Kmart today and got myself Enslaved: Odyssey To The West for FREE, along with my $20 coupon, which doesn't expire till July - I'm thinking I'll save it for next month's Alice: Madness Returns.

Kmart can't be beat on there deals, but it FAILS telling it's employees about them, which causes a lot of confusion and delays. Took me almost an HOUR today to make my purchases, just cause nobody knew about the deal and were busy trying to find it online. Finally the manager came along, knew about the deal (because of a prior sell), but could only override the purchase price of the $20 game and had to charge me a PENNY for it, which the clerk took out of a penny jar near the register.

Kmart really needs to do something about that issue. Otherwise, it's great.

MasterD9192710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Kmart's deals mean nothing if I can't use the deal online and have to drive out of my way just to find a Kmart.

Want credit? Trade in your games to Amazon and put that credit towards a game. I'm sitting on a $60 credit right now.