Epic Games: Gears of War 3 Beta Drew 1.29 Million Players

Prep Gears of War 3 for its Platinum Hits box. Microsoft and Epic Games announced today that the upcoming trilogy concluding Marcus Fenix adventure has already surpassed 1 million worldwide pre-orders, making it the fastest of any Xbox exclusive to reach the milestone.

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Counter Strike3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Reach beta had 2.7 milions but was included with ODST wich Sold around 6M.

Greywulf3531d ago Show
2fk3531d ago

wow guess we goin to see a lot of flaming weapons good thing i had bulletstorm for the flaming hammy =)

Fallouts3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )


my lil bro was apart of it and actually got to play against the dev and owned their asses. ferguson actually talked with him to get an opinion on balance and all that and gave him 1600 ms points and hinted at a surprise for him in the future..

day one for me..

bangoskank3531d ago

Surely you are full of shit because 5 people disagreed with you.

Kidding. Cool story, dude.

Fallouts3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

just kidding....of course... i really dont care if 8 others believe me or not.

TheColbertinator3531d ago

It was a fun beta.I was hoping for beast or Horde mode but I had tons of fun with that Gold Retro Lancer

Max_Dissatisfaction3531d ago

What other sequel this year has sold/pre-ordered more than the prequel? MK9, Portal 2...what else?

HeavenlySnipes3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

No honestly. If you were given an answer would it change your life?

Only game I'm getting on the Xbox. This gen needs more co-op games like Gears.

EDIT: REAL coop games like Gears. Games that were made specifically for co-op like Army of Two, Resident Evil 5 etc..

Max_Dissatisfaction3531d ago

Does something have to change my life for me to want to know it?
I'm just trying to gauge buying habits of people. Seems there's a downward trend somewhat with sequels this year with games like KZ3, LBP 2, SOCOM 4, MOTORSTORM Apocalypse all selling less than their predecessors even with many million more consoles in the market.

HeavenlySnipes3531d ago

If I told you the answer was 4. There are four games this year that have sold and were preordered more than Gears 3. Would you even remember that? No, probably not.

Its quite obvious you were stealth trolling with that comment trying to say that Gears 3 is the most anticipated game of the year. Its like you were begging for someone to come and retaliate with a fanboy comment like

"Gears is the only exclusive teh Xbots have that's why people are playing it lolololol"

Your excuse that you care what people are buying doesn't even relate to your question. (Its also nice that all the games listed in your response are PS3 exclusives)

Don't bother replying ba- oh never mind.

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The story is too old to be commented.