Xbox replacement program - updated

According to major nelson the xbox replacement program is not due to the new disc format update coming out soon...

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Blaze9293531d ago

if they could do this, just think if it would be possible for them to reach out to every Xbox 360 owner and replace it with an updated Xbox 360 with a blu-ray drive. Maybe more ram too.

How could would that be? Next xbox my ass. Just a dream though.

GrieverSoul3530d ago

lol at all of those that yesterday were touting Microsoft has the Light Bringer by replacing future Xboxs that might show problems with the incoming new media disc. lol

Turns out it was the PREVIOUS update that caused malfunntioning in some older xboxs. Well, looks like it took them a while to acknowledge the problem! @[email protected]

kyl2773530d ago

More RAM to 40 million xboxes?, never gonna happen

AAACE53530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Uhhh... That would be called an Xbox 360 type 2!

BTW, it was an older update that caused the problems.

the_best_player3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Agree if you have had ring of death/red dot of death or you know someone who has.

Fallouts3531d ago

what other update came out?

well i guess since my 360 still works no free upgrade for me :-(

Damageinc843531d ago

I will have to say the wording on it really confused me. I thought it was due to the update tomorrow. I even called tech support and they told me that it was for the update tomorrow. I think there is some broken lines of communication coming out of Microsoft.

Cogan13531d ago

It is because of the new update. What numpty would believe otherwise.

thrasherv33531d ago

Maybe someone whose 360 was messing up before the update?

Cogan13531d ago

Then that would be the same as every other person who had an issue with their xbox before the update.

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The story is too old to be commented.