L.A. Noire Sells 550,000 Copies Day One in the Americas

"L.A. Noire, according to VGChartz estimates, sold 550,000 units day one in the Americas for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined. 60% of these sales, around 330,000, are for the Xbox 360 with the remainder for the PlayStation 3. It is currently on track to hit around 800,000 sold by the end of the week in the Americas. With the release in EMEAA on Friday week one sales is on track to pass 1.2 million sold."

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BigKev453533d ago

It's a great one folks.

EVILDEAD3603533d ago

Picked it my 360 copy yesterday..only got to play an hour but absolutely loved it..the facial tech really brings something new..can't wait to dive back in tonight


NYC_Gamer3533d ago

i expect this game to sell around 4 million

cochise3133533d ago

It's good to see something other than a fps selling. This game is awesome.

cyborg69713533d ago

I agree great game and nice change of pace.
It just sucks you in.

sickbird3533d ago

yea, Steve Smith (WR NY Giants) tweeted about the game the other day. Thought that was pretty cool.

Bigpappy3533d ago

Looks like the "inferior" version might be out selling the "superior" version. Who would have tunk?

xPhearR3dx3533d ago

Not really surprised to be honest. 9/10 the 360 always sells more when it comes to multiplatform games.

PS360PCROCKS3533d ago

::sigh:: someday a story will pass about sales without someone spouting some useless crap...

guigsy3533d ago

Unless you're one of these obsessive polygon counters, I don't see how the difference in number of discs makes one version "superior" than the other.

ufo8mycat3533d ago

It's the SAME game on both platforms. Same story/gameplay etc.

This 'superior' term was created by fanboys. Whether you play the PS3 or 360 version, you are playing the same exact game.

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BabyTownFrolics3533d ago

waiting to find out if vgchartz is trustworthy in this thread or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.