Twisted Metal Multiplayer Hands On: Jaffe’s Last Laugh

PS Blog writes:
After Twisted Metal made its bombastic debut nearly a year ago at the E3 PlayStation press conference, developer Eat Sleep Play promptly descended into a self-imposed near-silence. Now that Twisted Metal has finally emerged from its shadowy confines — headlights gleaming like accusing eyes, an angry puff of steam boiling from its cracked radiator grille — it’s clear that David Jaffe, Scott Campbell and the boys have been busy. Really busy. Even in its early pre-release state, the PS3 rebirth of PlayStation’s longest-running series plays true to form — it’s fast, ferocious, and fun. Underneath the glistening new HD graphics, blistering frame rate and overhauled combat system lies the vehicular equivalent of Mortal Kombat…that is, if Mortal Kombat included 16-player online battles waged with helicopters and nukes and psychotic clowns driving semi trucks and God knows what else.

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Emilio_Estevez3530d ago

Looks ridiculously awesome.

jut4203530d ago

Hell yea! Haven't been interested in a Twisted Metal since PS1 days, but this is indeed looking awesome...E3 multiplayer demo got me interested...this video put me over the top, it looks like it's going to be so much fun! :)

n4gisatroll3530d ago

Tm: black was the start of the darker twisted metal days. I'm really excited for this one.

TheLastGuardian3530d ago

Game of the effin year confirmed.

I'm glad they're keeping us updated on the game. Not that I need to know anything about this game to know that I am getting it day 1. Twisted Metal (PS1) was my first game and I've been a huge Twisted Metal fan ever since.

I've never been this excited for a game before. Twisted Metal has always had very fun gameplay and dark, humorous stories. With the PS3 hardware, I know Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play can create a masterpiece. This is going to be my new favorite game ever.

Pacman3213530d ago

Can not wait for this game!
Too many good games coming out towards the end of this year....

house3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

ah David jaffey no one makes games like this dude game play first! as he always says, cant wait for this game!

Silly gameAr3530d ago

The game is looking good, and it's good to see the blog is getting back to business as usual.

Der_Kommandant3530d ago

I'm salivating more than usual

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