Xbox 360 F.E.A.R. "more beautiful" than PC version!

Bringing us up to speed on just what we can expect this Autumn is Francis Choi, Associate Producer on F.E.A.R., who we caught up with at the Games Convention in Leipzig last week. He discusses its migration from high-end PC's to the Xbox 360, the exclusive new level featured on the console version of the game as well as stating that this version is "even more beautiful" than its PC counterpart!

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TheMART5875d ago

There you have it. Reasons to buy a console/360 instead of a PC

In the end a PC is made for desktop work, a gameconsole is made for gaming

specialguest5875d ago

to add to your statement, even if the PC version in any game looks sligtly better or the same. you aint gonna get the graphics you saw unless your PC is high end. games that you see on consoles, you get exactly what you see.

PS360PCROCKS5875d ago

Yea exactly, like when they show Crysis and everyone is like "OMG THATS AMAZING AND IT'S PC" and no one stops to realize, that's like a dual to quad core based PC, the new Nvidia and ATI Graphics cards, atleast 2 GB memory, and Windows Vista...which means no matter who you are you WILL be upgrading to make that game look like THAT game

dantesparda5875d ago (Edited 5875d ago )

Im sorry to say, but that is simply not true. Unless the final version is going to look better than the demo on the OXM demo disc. Then it does NOT look better than the PC version, it looks close (real close), either matching or almost matching the texture quality of the PC version, but not better. I can get higher texture quality on my 4 yr-old Ati 9800 Pro graphics card. I get like around 15-30 framerate per second. Whereas on the 360 version, you are getting 30 frames per second on a more consistent basis. But it should, the graphics chip in the 360 is over 3 yrs newer! yet i get a little bit higher res textures out of my 4 yr-old card. My computer is a AMD AthlonXP 2500+ which is a 1833Mhz CPU, overclocked to 2400Mhz, & 512MB DDR RAM, with a NF2 motherboard (so not state-of -the-art by any means) and i can still get almost 360 like performance with better image quality. Also the 360 versions physics level is not as high as the PC's or its particle count. I dont care what the programmer says, I can see it for myself and dont need anybody telling me otherwise. Its a fact! That guy is just trying to sell copies. Get with the program people! the 360 is a nice system, but dont get ahead of yourselfs because of your fanboyism. As a matter of fact, I am running the game with a higher Anisotropic Filtering level than what is on the 360 version. Although I will say that the 360 version does look better than i thought it would look and i thinl it is using HDR rather than Bloom, I'll give it credit for that

Silverwolf5875d ago (Edited 5875d ago )

My PC:
Windows XP
AMD Athlon 64 2800+ @2.2Ghz
Abit NF8 Nforce 3gb Chipset
1GB GeIL ultra Platinum
128MB 6600GT
160GB SATA 8MB cache Western digital HD
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Cooler master centurion case
Cooler master fan controller
Sony DVD burner
Sony CD-R burner

I ran the PC demo (same as xbox360 demo) @ 1074x768 everything maxed + soft shadows. And I was barely able to run this game. I had to turn off soft shadows and it still hitched due to having textures set to maximum.
I don't know what the guy above is talking about but to each his own.
I can tell you the xbox360 version looks way better than the PC version.
And it's even playing with HDR and a higher res + AA and AF than what most people can on there PC's.

RelloC5875d ago

..cause my 2 gigs and 512mb X1600 Pro run F.E.A.R. like butter. The particles and textures in no way compete with the PC's.

Theonetheonly5875d ago

my pc:
p4 prescott 3.4ghz Hyperthreaded
2 gigs of DDR 3200 OCZ Platinum ram
7800 GS CO SUPRECLOCKED 460/1350 gpu/gddr3
160gb sata 7200 caviar hd
And the Zalman Cnp9500led fan on the cpu never breaks 40 c

Any ways as you can see i have the fastest computer thus far in this post and i max everything out on my computer.

one of the things i noticed right off the bat was the amazing quality of the 360 demo

so i agree with this post. my computer gets around 90 fps on 1024x768 which is eqivalent to 720p bu the quality of the textures jut isnt as high as the 360 version.

it may have to to with the development they may have upgraded the textures.

keep in mind fear came out about a ear ago so they may have just targeted the average pc then and figured no one had one that could run it so they toned down the texture resolution.

also one more thing the 360 is faster than my pc hypothetically right? wrong just like my pc will whoop the ass of the ps3 as well

RelloC5874d ago

nice rig, you really need to jump into the dual core world though.

dantesparda5873d ago (Edited 5873d ago )

How can you say that the textures look better on the 360? are your settings turned all the way up? i can notice far bigger texel's on the 360 version than on the PC, that means that they are using lower res textures, not to mention, less particles. And to the guy with the 2800+ athlon64, you might wanna check how many processes you got running, cuz it sounds to me like you aint running optimally

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