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Matronedea2709d ago

I actually doubt that's true. I expect something awesome still. Might be the whole OMGOMGPORTAL<3 thing, but it's hard to believe they aren't working on anything now. Portal 2 has to have been done for awhile now. <.<

ATiElite2707d ago

I really don't every remember Valve being a big part of E3 as far as showing games.

I know Gabe Usually pops up at some other companies press conference. talks about some cool stuff then drops some clues as to what Valve is doing next but NO real big "look at this game" type of deal.

AlienBlaster2709d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo

CrzyFooL2709d ago

I call bullshit!! It's a trick!!!!!!

AlienBlaster2709d ago

It better be a trick, so no Episode 3 for another year, it better be fucking epic when it finally comes out.

TravUK2709d ago

Baring in mind Valve pulled out of E3 last year only to appear at the Sony press conference, I'm calling bullshit too.

ATiElite2707d ago

"wait a minute I've seen this before"
"you were there and I was standing here and I was to suppose to say something"
"Valve are moving towards shorter and shorter development cycles Neo"

"What did I say...No No this can't be right It's a trick"

StillGray2709d ago

Chances are they'll just make another one of those surprise announcements at the Sony presser.

Vegivo2709d ago

I hope they at least announce some more Portal 2 dlc at least ;(

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The story is too old to be commented.