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Sony really are having a rough time recently. With several other hacking attacks after the initial attack that saw over 7 million PSN users personal details compromised, including more recently an attack on their password reset site that forced Sony to take the site down, the latest firmware update (3.61) is reportedly causing some consoles to overheat and crash.


UPDATE: Sony have told Edge that there is “no evidence to indicate firmware 3.61 is causing any issues with PS3s” and Eurogamer “We don’t comment on rumours or speculation about our products.”

A tad conflicting.

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waltyftm3532d ago

Total and utter shite, Everytime a new Firmware comes out someone complains about YLOD or other problems, They just trolling.

iamnsuperman3532d ago

The probably need to clean inside it. I did it the other day and there was so much dust. Its keeps my 60 gig going

waltyftm3532d ago

Smart thing to do, Back on topic, How can a Firmware update make your ps3 overheat ?

Series_IIa3532d ago


196.75 Nvidia Drivers killed mine and a lot of peoples graphics card from overheating when the fan speeds malfunctioned.

Joe29113532d ago

Firmware updates can cause your console to overheat, but you wouldn't think this update would seen as it was all just security measures and they probably didn't edit anything to do with fan speeds or anything like that in the update.

FW can go wrong as well, I remember one xbox update causing peoples xbox's to completely brick and they had to get new ones sent to them.

mastiffchild3532d ago

I know a couple of people who've tied it on with Sony AND MS over updates bricking their consoles out of warranty. It's a well known way of trying it on when your console's died and you don't want to accept it's your fault for whatever reason and a firmware update is something to blame and as some have caused damage in the past people think they might get a new console out of one today.

I'm sure a few people legitimately think the update did some damage but I'm willing to bet the vast majority are talking shite.

FragMnTagM3532d ago

@Mastiff, well explain why Rockstar is saying that they have experienced the issue themselves.

I don't think that they need to lie to get a new console.

Some people might jump on the bandwagon to get an old console replaced, but to just make wild accusations an d assumptions about people when a WELL RESPECTED developer is confirming it is just asinine.

I will just wait this crap out before I use my PS3 online. Don't want to have to deal with sending a console in, I have done that twice with the 360 and don't want to do it again for my PS3.

AAACE53532d ago

You know what this means right?

LA Noire is so much of a monster to run, it is overheating Ps3 and 360!

... or just a lack of communication somewhere.

nycredude3532d ago

my launch Ps3 just YLOD after the update and playing LA noire for 10 hours.

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Nitrowolf23532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

idk there are many users complaining about this then usual.
Either way it might be Rockstar game also as reports of the 360 version are coming in also.
Haven't had any issues yet but i don't have LA Noire yet either.

xPhearR3dx3532d ago

Yea I was looking over the L.A Noire forums on Gamefaqs and saw a few threads of freezing issues in the 360 section. I have all 3 discs installed and been playing non stop since midnight yesterday and haven't had a single problem. People's PS3's and 360's are probably just crapping out. It's an electronic device after all, it will fail eventually.

ziggurcat3532d ago

i'm on 3.61 and have played L.A. noire for a long while now. no overheating whatsoever - my PS3 runs the same temperature pre 3.61 and post 3.61.

reports of the FW causing overheating happens every single time an update gets released. people also keep saying that there's "increased" or "more than usual" reports, too.


gamingdroid3532d ago

What the heck happened to LA Noire reviews? Usually, a few of them pop up here.

Istanbull3532d ago

My PS3 is running fine like always, please report this lame site.

dougr3532d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if it was Rockstar's fault for these new issues at all. I remember Rockstar's first big release for the new consoles turned my $500 ps3 into a paperweight, I'm talking about you GTA IV. I got it replaced for free by Sony at least, but the game destroyed my blu-ray drive somehow.

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lil Titan3532d ago

Software problem causing a hardware problem? yeah ok Right

testerg353532d ago

Well the software can control the fan speed, Something in the firmware taxing the cpu or gpu, ... and so on.

Like games can really push the gpu and can cause it to overheat especially under the right circumtances.

gamingdroid3532d ago

It can when software is utilized to do something physical, such as controlling fan speed or shut-off machine when it hits a certain threshold.

Albeit, this is highly unlikely and if it is, unless your PS3 is physically damaged, it most likely can be fixed with another firmware update.

frostypants3531d ago

A game cannot push the GPU to overheat unless the system has a fundamental flaw in its cooling methods, and something like that would be exposed well before this point in a system's lifecycle.

And it's highly unlikely that this firmware did anything new regarding GPU cooling/fans, as it was a security update and the PS3 has no known cooling issues.

elite-shot3532d ago

I'm actually amazed this was approved.

metsgaming3532d ago

its N4G how are you amazed by this?

MysticStrummer3532d ago

Welcome to N4G, and get used to it. Prepare for anti-PS3 articles galore, and then watch in amazement as the people who approved those articles claim N4G is run by PS3 fans. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's sad.

maxcer3532d ago

wtf? did you have to sign an agreement stating you had to defend the ps3 every time you see a negative article on the internet or something?

R* trolling? good one

XRider3532d ago

I know, you guys want this to be a lie, but it's not. I been trying to play LA Noire and I can only play about an hour before my PS3 shuts off. Granted my PS3 is an older model, but I don't have this issue with any other game. I don't know if this problem is Rockstar, or Sony. All I want is just to play my game. I bought the PS3 version for obvious reasons. If I would have known about this I would have gone with the 360. Make sure you know the truth before you accuse people of trolling.

GarandShooter3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Make sure you have a true cause and effect relationship as well before buying into something.

You know, I drink whiskey and water, gin and water, vodka and water, and I get drunk. Must be the water.

Edit:BTW I played LA Noire roughly three hours straight last night without incident.

Morbius4203532d ago

That same thing happened to me a few years ago while playing Fable: The Lost Chapters on the PC. I'd play for ten minutes and then the computer would shut off. I never knew that was possible. My guess is that the game is a gremlin and there's nothing wrong with your PlayStation 3.

Biggest3530d ago

"If I would have known about this I would have gone with the 360."

So now that time has passed and you see that it is a problem with the game. . . Nevermind. You are what you are.

DigitalAnalog3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I just finished updating my PS3 (40GB Silver model) last week and the bloody YLOD happened (coincidence). I may be one of the few but it really REALLY annoyed me considering Asia's PSN hasn't opened yet.

-End statement

earbus3532d ago

I had the 40 gig also got ylod but dont say that on here.

S25803531d ago

exact same here. 40GB phat. played 2 and a half games of fifa after 3.61 and i got ylod

Scary693532d ago

I don't know why these types of lame articles keep getting approved. N4G needs a better way to keep trash off their sites.

coryok3532d ago

also, when its only happening on certain hardware you can be positive that its not the software - it has to be something unique to a console or happen to all similar consoles.

they said that it was only two types of phat ps3s, well its either all phat ps3s (as the only difference is HD size) or none of them if its software thats running on all of them

monkey nuts3531d ago

GPU and CPU sizes were shrunk towards the end of the phat ps3 production. The 80gig phat I bought to replace my launch 60g had 65nm gpu and cpu (Maybe just 1 of) Thus enabling it to run around 75% cooler. I 've had 8 hour games on GT5 and my ps3 barley gets warm. My 60 gig ylod however would feel like it was on the verge of melting especially where the wifi antenna was housed, after 20 minutes of play.

coryok3531d ago


yes the hardware getting smaller does make it consume less energy, letting it run cooler, but its offset by other factors.

the 65nm models have more ways to dissipate heat, such as more ventilation and a larger heatsink and fans

while the temp. around older ps3s may get warmer than the temp. around newer ps3s, the temp. of the hardware is almost unchanging unless affected by other factors, such as being kept in an enclosed space so that the extra ventilation doesnt work

MajorgamerQc3532d ago

Oh really? Well it happened to me twice when it never happened before the update. It freeze then your PS3 shutdown and you see a blinking redlight.

PAPERCHASER03963532d ago

Everytime after an update and release of a big game releases about the same time we get these fake complaint articles and bullcrap liars emerging deny it all you want but pattern is there

Vherostar3532d ago

Its complete crap spread by the hackers so people wont update there consoles to 3.61 and therefore change there password. They have probably not got close to cracking the security on what they stole and now Sony have circumvented them they are trying to stop it. Normally I would suspect fanboys of spreading this crap but its obvious it's hackers as the new update just enables you to connect to the new psn nothign that could possibly cause over heating,.

frostypants3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

From the article's update: "A tad conflicting."

Bullsh*t. There is no conflict. A bunch of idiots make an unverified ridiculous claim, and Sony called them on their BS. It's only "conflicting" to idiots who give equal weight to rumors over facts.

If I said "the new 360 has a tendency to catch on fire" and MS said "LOL, no", is that "a tad conflicting"? Or just a case of my making sh*t up?

Fylus3531d ago

How many of these people that complain probably even own a PS3? I may just be making an ignorant guess but I'd assume some of these people at least, are just stealthy little trolls.

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MaximusPrime3532d ago

LOL i was waiting for this article after recent firmware.

here we go again..

kane_13713532d ago

yeah, i'm surprised it took them so long this time to make and article out of this.

joeyisback3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

nitro i got la noire my isnt beeping or getting ylod but the fans on my 80gb keep gettin louder on la noire other games it isnt doing it just on la noire :/ thought my 80gb was messing up

SNEEKZ0NER3532d ago

I've been hearing from a lot of people that they got the YLOD right after the update and they didn't have it before the PSN went down so I don't know.

tdogchristy903532d ago

I recent posted in the forums that my fan on my 60gb was running louder than I remember, after not playing it for a couple months, taking it apart cleaning it out, and playing portal 2 after psn was back. It seems to be running fine but things like this do make me worry about my consoles and my 60gb ps3.

frostypants3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Has it occurred to you that perhaps your cleaning it out is the culprit? E.G., maybe you inadvertently changed the fan's alignment, or maybe getting the gunk out allowed it to rotate faster?

tdogchristy903531d ago

I have thought about an alignment issue. But after giving it a few days it seems fine. It was probably just my imagination since I "took the risk to open it up". It was also the first time that I had opened and thorrowly cleaned it since getting it in 2009. There was a lot of dust but again just worrying about opening it up it was probably just my imagination. She seems to be doing fine.